Allergy Alert

“Twinkle’s Place” is not a scent-free nor pet-free zone.  

This is the home of Twinkle and her family.

It is a place where they live and welcome friends and friends of friends to join them in community.

There are two resident familiars: CleoCatra and Triquetra Lune:

cleo with rocks gems
triquetra w pentacle
Triquetra Lune

We may also soon add a canine sibling to our family.  

During celebrations and even daily rituals there is use of incense, scented candles, smudging, etc.

abalone and sage2

Two of the three full time residents are mostly vegetarian in diet.  Fish is the only meat present on a very occasional basis.  We always have tree-nuts in our home so those with airborn allergies to these need to be cautious.   We also have other potential allergens such as bananas and kiwis regularly.


Please be aware of this.  And let us know in advance should you be allergic or sensitive to anything and we will do our best to assist in making you comfortable in our home.