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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

In honor of our Sixth Source we draw comfort from the cycles of the Moon and either in solitude or in community create sacred space during its phases. Last night a small group of us gathered here at Twinkle’s Place to gather up the abundant energies of the Equinox, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  

The ritual began as three 7-day candles were lit to ignite a healing and a protection in our community.  Twinkle honed her story-telling skills, reciting stories of Liberation: both creation and destruction. Below is the retelling of Mabon, and below that a chant for the Goddess Tara.  

Also with us were four arch angels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and the Goddess Kali and The Green Man energies.

Blessings to each of you as we head into the dark season. May you seek the mirror that informs you which that is you must let go, and which that is you must replant.

lunar eclipse

One of our clearest signs of the changing season here in New England is found in The Green Man’s realm. The colorful leaves transforming the trees and attuning our attention to the cycle of life and of death.

As night and day are in equal magnitude on the Equinox, so are the forces of creation and destruction that we each possess.

At this time, we can draw on our Power

to create or destroy,

build or dismantle,

embrace or release that what we wish.

As the story unfolds, consider what it is you would like to bring into,

or cast out of,

your life at this auspicious time of balanced energies.

For Druids, Fall Equinox is called Mea’n Fo’mhair.  It is a time to pause and recognize The Green Man, the God of the Forest.

For Wiccans, a time to celebrate the cycle of the Goddess as she passes from Mother to Crone.  Harnessing the wisdom gained in Time’s passing.  Honoring the gift of old age.

Our Harvest Moon holiday is often referred to as Mabon.

Unlike Lammas and Beltane, Mabon does not merely refer to a seasonal celebration.

Mabon is the name of a Welsh God.  

An ancient one.

Born at the beginning of Time.  Who, as the story goes, was taken mysteriously from his Mother (Modron) when he was only three nights old.

No hope of freedom.

Nary a sign of him throughout the years.

As a young oak in a budding wood grew to a hundred limbed tree. The tree in its old age, spawning a forest, which too has been laid to rest and reborn again.

Not a whisper on the wind in all those years indicating where Mabon was abducted to.

His name but a distant memory, in a story rarely told, the God Mabon was imprisoned until a man name Culhwch (KESH-lookh) sought to find him.

Culhwch was accompanied by his cousin, the Great King Arthur, in his search to find Mabon.  They were aided by King Arthur’s most trusted companions.  Mabon was rescued from a fortress like none had ever seen.

Mabon was aided in his liberation, not only by the men who took to the task of saving him, but also the many animals who gave them direction as they wandered the Earth searching.

The Blackbird, (the ancient birth helped launch their journey, leading them to the forest where there was an animal even older than he)

The Stag,  (guided them through the inner most forest until they were at the deep woods)

The Owl, (guided them through the forest and up into the mountain)

The Eagle, (guided them down the mountain, through the valleys and along the river to the shore)

The Salmon. (guided them up the river, over the rapids and around the bend, continuing upstream until they reached the grim and frightening castle where Mabon was held in captivity)

Each, while not directly aware of Mabon, were connected indeed, as their remembrances lead one to the other, and finally to the discovery of Mabon’s whereabouts.

The men became his saviors.

The animals, his Totems.

The story creating another message for us to heed as we are reminded at this time of Harvest: that Nothing exists separately from the whole.  

That, like Nature, we are always and all ways giving and receiving.

Mabon is the God of Freedom.  

His long imprisonment driving him to protect all things desiring liberation.

We honor Mabon when we protect the rights and freedoms of all Mother Earth’s offspring: the elements, plants, animals and people from all nations and walks of life.

We honor Mabon when we seek sovereignty over our life’s path.

We honor Mabon when we free ourselves from self-imposed bindings.


Om Tara Tu Tara

Om Tara Tu Tara

Think of a form of liberation you would like to bring into your reality.

Do you name it out loud, or hold it in silence?

There is more power in words spoken aloud.

Fear shrouds the silent wish;

Suffocating it in darkening silence.

The voice, your Voice, gives it Power.

Give it Life with the Spirit of your Muse.

You will find it planted in the warm Earth of your Soul;

Whispering to you as the Heart’s desire.

It needs Air to Breathe;

It craves the Fire of your Passion;

It grows with the Water of Dedication;

Let it Sing.

Om Tara Tu Tara

Om Tara Tu Tara

Om Tara Tu Tara

Om Tara Tu Tara


~ Twinkle

June 28, 2013

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Failure is Not an Option – It’s inevitable – 2015 Berry Street Essay

The words of Rev. Sean Parker Dennison, Rev. Meg Riley, and especially Rev. Ian White Maher, shared during the Berry Street Essay and Responses at GA in Portland, OR will remain with us for a long time to come, hopefully forever.





Goddess Covenant Circle Reunion 2015

Sunday night I gathered with a large group of women in Concord, MA.  It was a reunion for a group that had been in existence for 25 years.  While based in the nearby Unitarian church, most of the women do not identify as UU, yet find enlightenment in paths provided by UU Women and Religion authors, teachers and curriculum such as Cakes for the Queen of Heaven and Liz Fisher’s Rise Up and Call Her Name. (The latter, a courses that Bozena and Twinkle have taught…Liz being a friend of Twinkle’s) What a delight to gather with these women from all walks of life, whom at one time or the present have been part of Concord’s Women’s Goddess Covenant Circle! Several had either moved away or gone a separate path early on, and me, having joined a mere six years ago, had not met many of such “elders” til Sunday night.  Likewise new members joined since I left for my sabbatical a year ago.  Strangers in life.  Yet we shared many of the same favorite memories this group offered each of us.  Ritual, ceremonies, seasons, and circles.  Creating clay Goddesses, wands, sacred cloths and altars.  Dancing.  Poetry.  Chanting.  While the entire group had never gathered as one, one we were indeed as we stepped into the ancient rhythms of this covenant.  

Margaret Stewart, the “Mother” and “Weaver” of the circle had gathered several readings, one the Mother handed to me to read.  Surprised I was to discover it was a poem (“Autumn Moon”) I had written in 2011 for a New Moon Circle I had led.  What an honor to know that housed in the Circle’s Treasure Chest is my work and gifts to be passed on to future generations.  In gratitude and grace I share this poem with you now.

Autumn Moon

Even as the wheel turns

from this season

to the next

She remains steadfast

in her wisdom

Vibrant colors in the trees

Our storehouse brimming

with Summer’s harvest

Gathered round our Circle

Fire warming our

hearths & hearts

Welcoming the darkness

of the new moon

As it allows the truth

of our Soul’s desire

to shine from within

We offer up our

fears & sadness

to be taken by

the Autumn wind

Our intentions clear

& for the highest good

We beseech her support

& guidance

As we enter this time of inner

reflection & solitude

We accept the Divine

fulfillment of our desires

Embracing Life Fully

Thank you Goddess

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Thank you Circle

of my own

Autumn Moon we thank you too

For the comfort of your season.

We Gathered to celebrate: SOLAR ECLIPSE + NEW MOON in Virgo

New Moon altar 9 13 15 crop

We celebrated another beautiful New Moon ritual at Twinkle’s Place last night.  Combined with the partial Solar Eclipse, the new moon in Virgo gave us opportunity to align our inner and outer understandings about how we are both able to be strong individuals as well as valuable inter-connected partners with those closest to us in family and community. From major shifts in healing (physical, emotional & karmic), beginning (enriching, nourishing endeavors) and completing patterns (habits that may have us negatively locked), including most especially our relationships, this New Moon truly signified an opportunity to mindfully evolve toward our highest good, and the good of all in our lives.

For more detailed information, we defer to the Mystic Mamma and her cadre of experts:

And for practical application of all things human, I encourage you to read this brief note from Seth:

For information about where we draw our UU faith from:

Fairfield Festival – September 12th

Join Twinkle’s Place practitioners at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Fairfield, Maine on Saturday, September 12th, 2015

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For more information, visit:


Visit our Facebook Page to see pictures of the Festival!!

Laura and Rie
Sisters at the Festival: Laura Duffy, Mainely Birthing Doula  & “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Twinkle’s Place