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Nimo’s New Song!

A new release of an inspirational song!

Some history:

I first came to know of Nimo about six years ago. His is a journey from MTV rap star to Humanitarian musician living a life dedicated to infusing our world with peace and love. In 2014 I was privileged to be part of a religiously diverse collegial team that hosted an event for him in at the Zen Center in Marblehead, MA. When my friend Myozen Joan Amaral visited me in Maine in 2016, we led a unique church service that included Nimo’s songs. (where Zen meets Hiphop!)

Bravo and Gratitude to Nimo and Daniel for their steadfast and beautiful messages of peace. May we be inspired to create similarly focused messages in all we do.

Vacation Time!

For our family, as we still having one school age child, Summertime is an especially special time of the year.  We have more freedom during this season than any other to plan vacations and take spur-of-the-moment adventures and spend time together   as a family, and with friends, mostly unhindered by the demands of other things. We know we are fortunate for this. It is a blessing we are grateful for every day. Our wish is that every family can experience this kind of freedom, and, when they do, to choose to take the time to deepen the bonds of love with those who matter most to them.

May we remember that we belong to each other.

And use our time in ways that show we do.


The Sound of Silence Poetry Book

What a delight to discover this book of meditations/poems at a little bookstore in Greenville, Maine. <3 #UUPoets

# 25

The Sound of Silence

by Rev. Raymond John Baughan

Skies are captured

in the lake

where fish dart

in the green of trees.

The heart holds

light and darkness

in its depths,

the dance

of life and death,

knowing the wind will blow.

For more information about UU poet and minister, Rev. Raymond John Baughan, visit:

And, if you like or write poetry, please join us over at the UU Poets Society Facebook Group!:

Edibles in our Garden

We have a lot of mint here in addition to rhubarb and chives…friends, if you would like some, please stop by and help yourself to the produce of our gardens.

While you are here, you could also take a walk through Manson Park and along the beautiful Sebasticook River.

If you would like accompaniment on your walk, or a guided meditation, please let me know in advance and we can schedule your time here. Otherwise, feel free to stop by spur-of-the-moment and whether we are here or not, friends are welcome. <3