Twinkle’s 1 Page

You may have seen her at GA, you may have seen her on Television or Online. She is Unitarian Universalism’s Best Kept Secret:

  • “Twinkle’s Place” is an approved UUA-Related-Organization for Congregational Life

Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning

  • *  Affiliate Community Minister for Women’s Spirituality UU Church of the Larger Fellowship
  • *  Member
    Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries
  • *  Interfaith Minister
    Ordained by the International Metaphysical Ministry
  • *  Co-Convener
    UU Women and Religion
  • *  Founder
    UU Talks fundraising and outreach program
  • *  Award Winning Television Producer

Twinkle is available for:

  • Pulpit Supply
  • Retreat & Workshop Leadership
  • Nonprofit Board Consulting
  • Development, & Fundraising
  • Media & Outreach
  • Author and Publisher