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Unitarian Universalism – who can claim it and who is claimed by it?

Rev. Kate Braestrup is an ordained UU Minister residing in Maine. She has helped countless people cope with acute trauma and navigate unimaginable grief. Her viral video on The Moth Radio Hour introduced millions to our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition. She has received many accolades and awards for her work in the mental health field. She has been given an award by the UUA recognizing her contribution to religious liberalism. Recently she has shared this blog post.

Two questions that are paramount: Who can claim Unitarian Universalism as their own…and who is claimed (or rejected) by Unitarian Universalism? What are the standards for UUs in general in regards to how we are to treat each other?

9/11 Again – 2019

Every year on 9/11 my services always include this song – played, sung or spoken. “If I Give Your Name” by Pat Humphries and Sandy O of Emma’s Revolution. As well as some version of Judy Chicago’s Merger Poem as prayer, as meditation, as wish and as dream. May the day come when we can all live in gentle compassion and peaceableness.

UUA GA 2019

This year’s UUA General Assembly in Spokane, Washington was beautiful and dramatic and sweet and socratic – as is the case with many GA’s. The moments I will share now are from The Red Tent Gretchen and I hosted at the UU Women and Religion and Women’s Federation area, reunions with longtime friends and colleagues, and budding friendships. Of note as well, the Church of the Larger Fellowship celebrated its 75th during GA – lots of fun and heart-warming program! There were UUSCM meet-ups. And, I hosted a UU Talks Poster Session for congregations and groups to learn about this innovative fundraising, outreach and publicity program. There is more to say about GA – there often is. When I process it, I will write again. In love and gratitude, ~ Twinkle.

Matrika Press at GA

Unitarian Universalists who are interested in publishing your work, Visit us at the UU Women and Religion booth in the exhibit hall at General Assembly in Spokane for more information! Our “A Sermon in My Pocket Series” is for clergy and lay people alike. Also, inquire about how your congregation can utilize Matrika Press Anthology Series can for fundraising and outreach!

Rev. Patricia Hatch is Coming to Maine!

Rev. Patricia Hatch is coming to Maine! This is her first stop on “Patricia’s Family History Preaching Tour!” She will be at the UU Meeting House, Pittsfield Maine, Sunday, June 16th. The Universalist Church was the congregation of her great grandparents, Flora and Dennison Walker, and their five children. Pictured is her grandmother, Ethel Walker, taking a photo of the church before significant renovation around the turn of the twentieth century! Her sermon is entitled, “Homecoming Inspirations.”