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The mark of spiritual maturity is the ability to deal with paradox

“The mark of spiritual maturity is the ability to deal with paradox...” Rev. Jaelynn Pema-la Scott

This week on The VUU, in addition to calling us to be more embracing of our transgender and queer siblings and varieties of trans theologies, we are called to embrace ministries, rituals and paths that embody and celebrate our unique spiritualities within and beyond our existing faith traditions.

Speaking about being in the margins of faith, spiritually and theology, Rev. Jaelynn Pema-la Scott says, 

"Everything we do is revolutionary. Anything that we develop and hold true to ourselves is liberative ...

Anytime I pray it is an act of revolution. 

It is activism.

Anytime I declare myself a minister and say that my ordination is valid and that I hold wisdom and truth, that is an act of resistance.”

May each journey, mysterious and divine, be blessed.

Reviving Our Indigenous Souls

We are delighted to share that UUSCM Member Cathie Stivers has published a new book entitled, Reviving Our Indigenous Souls: How to Practice the Ancient to Bring in the New. This book will be included in an upcoming Book Group at Twinkle’s Place!

“Indigenous is neither a culture nor a people. It’s a way. The indigenous way is the embodied ancient memory of how to be fully human, and it’s encoded in your soul, no matter who your ancestors are. Hidden deep and dormant within your indigenous soul is your identity and your life’s purpose, longing for you to remember them and put them into action.”

Here is the link to her website:

Spiritual Leaders – Join us at Twinkle’s Place

Friends who are looking for a location to gather your community together in Maine – You Are Invited to lead a Workshop, Retreat, Ritual or Service at Twinkle’s Place!!!
Twinkle’s Place is available all Four New England Seasons! So, if you have a community you area seeking to gather together in a spacious, beautiful and sacred location in the heart of Maine, please contact us.