Workshops with Tziporah

Tziporah was one of the key workshop leaders at Twinkle’s 2015 International Women’s Day event presented by TV for Your Soul’s  Empowering Women TV in Santa Barbara!

Upcoming workshops:

Healing the Emotional Trauma of miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion

Designed to enable women and couples, who are experiencing loss through abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth to transform emotional overload, provide a safe place to honor the sacred rite of conscious mourning, turn disassociation into being embodied for healing, cultivate heart centered communication, and create a new sense of renewal body, mind and spirit.

Tziporah Kingsbury offers this sensitive yet empowering workshop: Stepping Stones: Transitioning through loss… Breathing in Life…

Join Tziporah at Twinkle’s Place in October TBD.

She also offers specialized workshops and sessions for groups, couples and individuals.


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