Sunday Service: Hospitality, a Pillar of Faith

Join Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning at the UU Church in Waterville, Maine.

Sunday, January 28th, 2024

 69 Silver Street Waterville, Maine

Time: 10:00 AM(Eastern)

Thought for contemplation:

“What if hospitality were the pillar of our Faith?” 

    ~ Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning

All those peaceably seeking spiritual solace are welcome!

Attend in person or Online:


Four Years

It has been four years since my sister took this picture. Four years since we were called to the hospital. Four years since we prayed in desperation to Gods that not all of us believe in. Four years since we asked everyone we knew to pray with us. And, by “pray”- I mean beg, bargain and plead to any and all unseen forces that may take pity upon us and change this tragic course that was unfolding swiftly in dazed slow motion. Four years since we waited vigil by his bedside for four days for good news that would never come. Four years since we had to say goodbye to this earth angel. Four years since all our lives were devastated by the loss of Riley. Four years and the anguish still accompanies this week like an unrelenting shadow even in the noontime sun. Four years.











Riley Dai June 9th, 1997-September 20th, 2019

August notes

August has continued to see lots and lots (loads and loads) of rain! Tuesday evening vespers services (Contemplative Services) have grown a bit of a following and it is a delight to watch this small ministry grow. Soon Twinkle will be returning to her regular contract with the Waterville Universalist church where she leads services twice per month September thru June. She is also going to be launch a new Empowering Women program out of Portland Maine. Salon Style Gatherings. (more on that in future posts)

Twinkle took this photo one evening. She says, “While on Kineo this beach has the best vantage point for the most gorgeous sunsets!” She and her friends have spent quite a bit of time on-Island as they prepare for the next phases of Melusine’s Haven, including each of the founders designing their own cabins. Yes, this means there will be yet another “Twinkle’s Place,” albeit smaller yet the large Field House on Melusine’s Haven will house a library and a large gathering place for retreats, concerts and other activities to nourish one’s spirit. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.








July notes

So far at the lake it has been rainy much of July. Even so, have managed some time on the boat and over to Kineo. We are excited to have the location of Twinkle and her friends’ Melusine’s Haven retreat center being established and hope to soon have clearing begun and the driveway put in. This picture is the back of Kineo Mountain as viewed from Pebble Beach, just down the road from Melusine’s Haven.

Twinkle’s services at the Historic Log Chapel have been well received. She has one more Sunday service this month and will continue to offer her Tuesday evening Contemplative Services throughout the summer.