Edibles in our Garden

We have a lot of mint here in addition to rhubarb and chives…friends, if you would like some, please stop by and help yourself.

While you are here, you could also take a walk through Manson Park and along the beautiful Sebasticook River.

If you would like accompaniment on your walk, or a guided meditation, please let me know in advance and we can schedule your time here. Otherwise, feel free to stop by spur-of-the-moment and whether we are here or not, friends are welcome. <3

A Time for Everything

With eternity in our hearts

everything is made beautiful in its time.

a time to heal;

a time to build;

a time to laugh;

a time to dance;

a time to gather;

a time to embrace;

a time to mend;

a time for peace;

a time to love.

Scattered stones need weep no more, for the seeds planted and watered with tears of mourning give way to the seasons of happiness and the heavens rejoice as it is time.

Inspired by Peter Gabriel’s “The Book of Love” and Ecclesiastes 3 (NIV) and this moment in Time.

A Million Little Things

It is not often we share/promote network programming. Let alone shows we’ve not even watched yet.  However, this new series seems to be addressing some of the most important hidden topics experienced by the vast majority: the need for authentic connections, coping with hopelessness and depression, finding meaning in life, how every moment – every choice – matters and impacts others in often unforeseeable ways, facing our fears, and learning how to tend to the wounds in others while we heal our own hearts and minds. Here’s hoping the creators and producers are able to bring forward a show that opens the door for conversations about these things to be more freely spoken about.