About “Twinkle”

Semi-retired award winning television producer.
Poet. Liturgist. Artist.
Writer. Author. Minister.
Retreat Leader.

Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning is the senior minister for The Church of Kineo in Rockwood, Maine, an interfaith minister, and active in International Metaphysical Ministries. She resides on majestic Moosehead Lake in Maine where she is the founder of Moosehead Lake Retreats. She is the creator and executive producer of TV for Your Soul‘s Empowering Women TV Project and Signature Events. She is the Curator of the Women of Spirit anthology series by Matrika Press. She has lived many places. Born in Boston; sabbatical lifestyles in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Oahu; eternally connected to homes of heart: Prince Edward Island, Canada where she was raised and New Smyrna Beach, Florida where her healing began. Her personal theology, motto and mantra is Living Life as a Prayer. Mother. Grandmother. Wife. Sister. Friend. She welcomes all who are peaceably seeking spiritual solace.

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