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a glimpse at the Empowering Women NSB Signature Event

SUZY TORONTO ROCKED-THE-HOUSE!! With the perfect blend of humor and poignancy, Suzy shared openly personal aspects of her story that endeared our audience to her. She provided both inspiration and road map for all in the wake of devastating news. Suzy has an uncanny ability to positively pivot both her perspective and her path, channeling her artistic talents, meeting what Life presents with Grace and Gratitude. So-Much-Fun!!!

Empowering Women NSB Panel Discussion: Joanna Rajendran, Tanya Kowalski, Jodi Hinkle, Teresa Rand, Delicia M. Haynes , M.D. and Hosted by “Twinkle” Marie Manning on March 29th, 2023 at the Brannon Center in New Smyrna Beach.

Photo by: Marriah Soldevilla Photography

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Sacred Rebels: Women in Ministry – Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Theme: “Sacred Rebels:Women in Ministry”. Throughout history and down to our modern day, women have influenced spirituality and shaped faith traditions. This service is a glimpse at some magnificent female spiritual leaders and the values and beliefs they challenged and promoted.

Join us at 10:00 am Eastern. (in person + online)

Some of the women highlighted in Twinkle’s sermon include:

Hildegard of Bingen, Antoinette Brown Blackwell, Angela Warnick Buchdahl, Ruth Barrett, Kate Braestrup, Thandeka and Sally Azar.

RSVP: Melusine’s Haven Fundraiser in NSB March 30th, 2023

More than your typical Paint-n-Sip, this event features two creative projects. Each attendee will choose one to participate in:

Art Director Terri Mazzella,owner of Gather to Grow will lead the painting portion of the evening. She will guide attendees to create a Mixed Media Mermaid Tail Painting!Use your artistic license and embellish your painting with shells, gemstones and positive affirmations. “Every design is unique to You!” 

The second art project is Mermaid Tail Necklaces the Melusine’s Haven team of volunteers will offer instruction on. We begin the jewelry-making with double-tailed mermaid pendants and attendees enhance their necklaces with a variety of charms and accents.

This special event is a Fundraiser for Melusine’s Haven. During the event there will be a Presentation by the Board of Directors of Melusine’s Haven:Carmen Lohn, Carrie Mancini and “Twinkle” Marie Manning.

$70 per person. Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Please be sure to select which art project you wish to participate in!

Join us for an evening of fun! Enjoy the spirit of community in the company of women.

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Empowering Women Signature Event in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

There is an Early Bird 20% Discount through to February 7th. These events do sell out so be sure to RSVP ASAP! NOTE: The first 50 women who RSVP will receive an extra special gift in their swag bags! So please do encourage all your closest friends to be among the first to sign up!

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The Women of Spirit Reflection Book is part of the Matrika Press Reflection & Blessing Book series and the Women of Spirit series. It is designed to be used as a self-led retreat that you guide yourself on. It can be used to mark a milestone such as a significant birthday or important season of your life. It can help you process a loss or transition. It can be the place you affirm what is next for you as you cross a threshold and visualize your greatest intention for your life. 

Reflection & Blessing Books are created by “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning and are a source of intentional inspiration to be used to record personal messages to the owner of the Blessing Book. These mementos and keepsakes can be used in rituals, celebrations and communions as well as for self-reflection and documentation of one’s innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs. At the heart of Reflection & Blessing Books is the desire to share sentiments, messages and stories that we can draw upon as sources of comfort and a reminder that we are loved. This Reflection Book was created for self-exploration and contemplation. 

Twinkle’s 2022 Offerings

Twinkle has woven together a unique blend of offerings. Presently focusing much of her time at her home base on Moosehead Lake hosting retreats and workshops and leading spiritual services. She also does retreat leadership and pulpit supply for a variety of congregations and groups throughout New England and the USA. As an additional part of her ministry, Twinkle officiates weddings at Moosehead Lake. Twinkle prioritizes writing and creating art, as well as publishing books. While considering herself semi-retired in the television arena, she continues to host and produce Empowering Women events and gatherings for TV for Your Soul.

Join Twinkle for an upcoming retreat or workshop!


2 Wonderful Celebratory Events for Twinkle and her Women of Spirit authors!!

This wonderful book VIP celebration for “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on Friday, April 1st to commemorate the launch of her newest Women of Spirit  anthology entitled: Transforming Lives.

The official launch party took place online via Zoom on Wednesday, March 23rd. All involved are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate and honor the 21 women featured in the book!









Goddess Summit Theme Music!!

This is the 2021 theme music to the newly resurrected archive of the 2011 Goddess Summit.


Over the next few weeks TV for Your Soul and Empowering Women TV will be sharing content from the one-on-one interviews of “The Goddess Show” as well as the “Goddess Summit.” Both projects recorded in Lexington, Massachusetts in 2011. Yes – this autumn it will be 10 years since the original footage was first recorded! Sadly & frustratingly, there were technical issues with the raw footage and at one point we believed it to be unusable. Recently I revisited the footage on an old back-up drive and decided to take a chance to weave together any remnants I could to preserve the content and conversations captured. The shoots were multi-camera (4 & 5 cameras as we envisioned dynamic edits) and some cameras went hot leaving red signatures on the screen, other cameras had audio issues. There were lighting issues and the impromptu backdrops were not keen on the eyes either so we hoped to be able to use various angles to minimize distractions. With so many issues, the project while reviewed over the years by several editors, was finally set aside.

Until this summer.

I felt compelled to try again.

I knew going in it was a leap of faith. I reconciled in my heart and mind that even if I could not use all video and audio, that just maybe there would be even a single camera and audio stream intact, I could use that if for no other reason than to honor the women who participated by making some remnant of their contributions to the lengthy history of sacred feminine conversations for the world to access. And that is the best reason in the world to take on such a daunting task!

I was relieved to discover much of the footage from 2 of the cameras were intact, so I ran with what we had access to. While the original vision has been set aside, I feel confident that what has emerged from the embers is something to be treasured!

We will be scheduling a more formal Launch/Debut this fall of each program. 

“The Goddess Show” is a television talk show series of in-studio and on-location interviews – 9 in total – with some of the most dynamic female spiritual leaders in our modern era. 

The “2011 Goddess Summit” film documents a circle-style gathering of women, centered on discussions of the sacred feminine spirituality and aspects of Goddess traditions, archetypes and embodiments.

I will share more soon!

In the meantime, be sure to check for updates 🙂

“Twinkle” Marie Manning