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New Moon meets the Dark Season

As we enter the dark season, is with a heart filled with the kind of light only the dark season can provide, I wish you every blessing of this month’s new moon.



We offer these places to source this month’s New Moon:

October New Moon Magic with added Scorpio

and here:


a reading for the Dark Season:

The Dark Season – Samhain


and here, for Samhain celebration planning:

and, here:

Halloween And Samhain


Reminder: Friday night is the 4th in our KIDS Halloween Dinner and a Movie Night Series

Reminder – Tomorrow is the 4th Dinner & a Movie Night in celebration of Halloween for kiddos in our community.  


We will also have some Día de los Muertos coloring sheets and an Ofrenda (Day of the Dead altar) set up for the weekend to explore this sacred time blending Orion’s Mexican Heritage of Día de los Muertos with my tradition of Samhain.  We will light candles to bring light to this dark season and to light the way for our ancestors.


  • Ofrenda means “offering” – should your child wish to bring something to place on the altar, please have them do so.

swimming to the other side

I was so fortunate to spend time with Pat and Sandy last week.  They sang this song Pat wrote many years ago. It has been my constant reminder this week as Life continues to present immense blessings along with evidence of the brokenness that persists in our world.  

May I greet each, the blessings and the brokenness, with grace and acceptance and love.

Forward we go.  

We are all swimming to the other side.

For lyrics, and to purchase this song, visit:

Latest Episode of The VUU: Indigenous People’s Day – Dakota Pipeline protests

Indigenous People’s Day – Dakota Pipeline protests – The VUU #155

This episode features UUs who went to North Dakota in solidarity with the Protectors to help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Scheduled guests are Carlo Voli, Florence Caplow, Alyzza May, Karen van Fossan and Ronya Hoblit. The VUU is hosted by Michael Tino, Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Aisha Hauser, Hank Peirce, Alicia Forde, and Slim Moon. Meg Riley is on sabbatical.

Thanks to this episode presented by the UUCLF – Church of the Larger Fellowship, we are given information that is simply not being covered in the mass media outlets.

Note: The VUU airs Thursdays at 11 am ET.

Maine Peace Walkers and special music by Riff Johnson Thursday, October 13th


Friends – – Come on over to Twinkle’s Place!!
Thursday, October 13th
7:00PM – 800PM

We are having a gathering for the
Maine Peace Walkers
with special music by:
🎶Riff Johnson🎶

The Maine Peace Walkers will arrive in Pittsfield on Thursday, October 13th. They are on a two week trek throughout Maine promoting peace. The theme of the 5th Annual Maine Peace Walk is:

“Stop the War$ on Mother Earth”

Join us in community at Twinkle’s Place on Lancey Street to meet the Peace Walkers, hear their message and appreciate the special music offered by Riff Johnson.
🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶


BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ARTIST RUSSELL WRAY (his artwork featured in this year’s Peace Walk Posters)

Emma’s Revolution in Concert – – BANGOR October 21st + Workshop October 22nd


Join Emma’s Revolution for a pop-up concert in Bangor!

Friday, October 21 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

They will also be doing their “Finding Harmony” workshop on Saturday, October 22nd in the morning at 10:30am.

Tickets are $18 for the concert and $18 for the workshop.

Combo tickets (to attend both the concert and the workshop) are $30.

Follow THIS LINK for the Facebook event page

and click THIS LINK to purchase tickets to the concert and/or the workshop!