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Maine Peace Walkers at Twinkle’s Place

Mark Your Calendars!!!

Peace and Earth Justice are a huge part of Twinkle’s ministry.  As such, she is delighted to welcome Maine’s Peace Walkers in October for their 5th Anniversary Walk themed: Stop the War$ on Mother Earth!!  The Peace Walkers will be at Twinkle’s Place the evening of Thursday, October 13th, 2016.  We will host them for the night.  We welcome locals to come on over to learn about their mission and have some supper with us. (check back for more information soon about the program for that evening! – – and email if you would like to volunteer to help with meal preparations for dinner or breakfast:  

The following morning, the Peace Walkers will share a vigil with Grandmothers Against the East/West Corridor before moving on to Unity for their next stop.

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Here is more information provided by

2016 Maine Peace Walk: Stop the War$ on Mother Earth

The 5th Maine Peace Walk will take place on October 11 – 26.  The organizing team is made up of individuals who are dedicated to creating a more peaceful, sustainable and just world.  We come together out of our deep concern about the many different wars being waged on Mother Earth, ranging from over-fishing, deforestation, and human-caused extinctions, to climate disruption and endless war.


Close to home we support the Penobscot Nation’s struggle for Justice for the River, opposition to the East/West Corridor, and conversion of war production to alternative energy at Maine shipyards.  We know from past experience of walking through rural and urban Maine that many people will be reached with our messages. We hope this spiritual act of walking and sharing conversation and food will help people in our state feel less isolated and despairing about the future.

We welcome everyone to join our walk for an hour, a day, or more and to help in any way they can to contribute.   We invite environmental, peace, church, and social justice organizations to sign on as a co-sponsor of the walk.  We ask co-sponsors to make a donation of their choosing and to help spread the word about the walk to their members/community.    Tax-deductible donations can be made by check to Global Network, designated “For Peace Walk” and sent to:

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

PO Box 652

Brunswick, ME  04011

For more information:

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”

  Henry David Thoreau

Schedule your Sisterhood Retreat!

How many times have you said to your dearest friends that it has been “too long” since you got together? 

How long has it been since you actually took a day with the sole focus of feeding your spirit, nurturing your own needs and took a break from the caregiving you provide to your family, your partner, and the details of running a household and a business?

Give yourself permission to do just so. Gather the women in your life that are like Sacred Soul Sisters to you!

Join us for a day designed around your needs and your desires.

Includes guided group meditation, ritual circle or art project, private intuitive reading, lunch at Twinkle’s Place or Vittle’s Restaurant.  Minimum of 4 and up to 12 participants. This is a day-retreat.  Should you seek overnight accommodations, please ask and we can assist. 

Schedule a date.  Tell us your preferences. We will set in motion a day filled with sacredness, healing, relaxation, joy – quiet contemplation or silence if you want it – laughter and jubilation if that is what you wish.

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Follow this link for more information!

Creating Financial Freedom Workshop

The amazing Jessie Washington will be leading a workshop this month at Ferry Beach‘s Women’s Week conference on August 16th at 2:00PM:

Screen Shot Jessie ferry beach

Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning is delighted to co-facilitate this workshop with her dear friend Jessie. Her portion will focus on the “heart” of the matter and include a heart-based meditation.

Ferry Beach is a Unitarian Universalist retreat center.   It is a magical place on the beach where you can bask in the afternoon sun, take morning walks through the grove of sunlit trees and enjoy the company of others as they travel along this journey called life.   Ferry Beach offers a loving community of people, healthy, delicious food, good coffee, lots of music, and time for reflection–in addition to a frolic in the surf.  It is a wonderful place to attend workshops or cultivate a spiritual practice as you connect with Mother Earth.

For more information, visit here.

New Moon in Leo

August’s celebration of the New Moon is both familiar and unique.  As with each New Moon we are invited to call in what we most want to see made manifest in our lives.  New Moons are opportunities for new beginnings and creativity.  Leo’s New Moon even more so as self-expression and creativity are prime aspects this August.  We are reminded that:

“Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness.” 

– Julia Cameron

And that the cloak of darkness offered by the New Moon can be a time of great transparency which leads to healing.

Mystic Mamma contributor, Pat Lilies, talks about this period of Mercury retrograde being a time of deep rage being released.  Many have experienced the collateral damage of such energies.  Many of us have had to seek ways to take the higher road in the face of those thrusting nefarious intentions our way.  We have had to navigate around miscommunications, misunderstandings, and strive to create realignments of unity often in vain as the reconciliation of such is sometimes impossible in immediate ways when those caught up Ego’s propelling force block paths to peace.

But this does not mean we cannot generate our own inner-peace.  We are encouraged to stay close to our hearts, listen to our soul’s callings and compassionately stand in our convictions to embrace positive outcomes.  In doing so, platforms for justice and beneficial energetic transitions can be created.  Chad Woodward encourages us that August is a time when we can,

“Revitalize and begin a process of recovering purpose, strength, presence…”

As you create your intentions this New Moon, consider your deepest desires.  Release any hold others have on your peace of mind, and your ability to achieve success.  Know that this could be a time of upheaval and that to make room for the new, the old must be cleared.  Be prepared to let go before things are taken from you.  And observe the malfeasance first before you respond.   As spoken by mystic Jason Estes:

“Welcome to August, this is the month where it all begins so much shifting and changing and growing pains will occur this month massive purges on ideals, structures and very huge emotional turmoil will come to the surface, all of that which you are about to step into is stuff that has been here, none of it will be new understand while it will look like we are going backwards these events and feelings and emotions are coming up for the final time on the earth so sit with them do not react to them just simply listen feel into them and then respond in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone.”

And, in Jason’s his Eleven Secrets, he reminds us:

“Secret 3: Gratitude makes room for more.”

May you enjoy the blessings of multiplying gratitude this New Moon.

Focus on that.  Yes, focus on gratitude.  Focus on love.

Know that when you face that which your heart-of-love cannot comprehend, you can transmute it to reach a higher purpose. Moment by moment.  Love is much stronger than hate.

Should you wish to join our covenant circle to celebrate the New Moons together, email Twinkle.  All who seek spiritual sanctuary in benevolence and peace are welcome.

The Pamphlet Podcast: Chalice Capers

From logo to liturgy, what is the (real) story of the Flaming Chalice?

Vol. I of the Chalice Capers begins today.  

For the past four decades, the Flaming Chalice has become the undisputed symbol of Unitarian Universalism. Yet its origin as the logo of the Unitarian Service Committee during its efforts to bring refugees out of occupied Europe obscures our vision of it’s history.

The question remains, how did this very flat, very one-dimensional, logo become a very real, very three-dimensional, mainstay of our worship life?

Hosts Susan Ritchie and Sean Neil-Barron head to Oxford, Ohio tracking down a lead in the first of a multipart series on the (real) history of the Flaming Chalice.

For more information, and to listen to this series, visit:


The Chalice Capers Vol. 1: A Curious Case Of A Burning Mortgage [Ep. 5]