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Concord Journal, Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Thank you Cynthia Ellis for a wonderful article in Concord Journal. And Pierre Chiha for his photo. And to C.C., Jan and Tony for this heart warming collaboration towards peace and social justice. — with Marie Gerstel Manning, C.c. King and Tony Fisher.

Book launch for “Women of Spirit: Exploring Sacred Paths of Wisdom Keepers”


I was absolutely thrilled to be able to offer Liz Fisher‘s Rise Up and Call Her Name curriculum to the women of Concord with my dear friend the Amazing Bozena Smith!!! It actually turned into more than a year long project with the group of women who joined us.



What fun to work with these friends: John, Twinkle, Anna & Matt. Pivotal to bringing TEDx to their town.

Live Studio Audience Signature Event Empowering Women Interview with Anita Diamant:

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