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Gift from the Sea

Many of the women who have been emailing me this month have been inquiring about summer retreats.  At this time, we do not have any planned.  However, because so many have asked, I am happy to host a “beach day” with my sister, Laura, this August. Most likely Searsport with breakfast at Coastal Cafe.

This will a be spur of the moment event, so if you are among those interested, please send us an email, and to be included in our modern day “phone tree” please include your cell # so we can text as well as email you when the date is set.  Also include your area of interest.

searsport me

My sister is a doula so is ready to lead a discussion about that.  I am a poet and a writer – I encourage everyone to bring a journal to write in.

I also encourage you to read, Anne Morrow’s Gift from the Sea – it is a timeless classic for women reflecting on where they are on their journeys, where they see themselves going, and how to prioritize by letting go and lifting up in order to have a full life they love.

Gift from the sea in sand

And, for those living in Florida (or interested in a travel retreat), I will be hosting a Gift from the Sea workshop in New Smyrna Beach in January 2017.  I will post the details of this and other Florida events soon.  For more information, email:

nsb sunrise2
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The Pamphlet Podcast: The Lively Place

As part of our ministry in small town Maine, we strive to share Unitarian Universalism within Pittsfield and neighboring communities, and with the world.  The Internet makes this mission far more accessible with treasures like The Pamphlet Podcast.  We are delighted to share this episode as it explores more deeply the history of Mt. Auburn.

The Lively Place: An Interview with Rev. Stephen Kendrick

New Moon in Cancer

Each New Moon is a time we dedicate to explore our UU 7th Principle and Pagan Path in connection with the sixth source we draw our Unitarian Universalist faith from.  It is a wonderful time to check in with where we are at on our spiritual paths, and where we want to be going.  

The practice of honoring the New Moon cycle helps us align our lives with that which we feel most called to.

Some have worked hard at healing – others have been stuck in would-be healing patterns – it is time to release all of these and simply move forward in the embodiment of love.  The New Moon on July 4th is the ideal time to do just so.

Forever Conscious offers some insights as to how to surrender stuck patterns and embrace the path of love.

Mystic Mamma also offers advice on how to attune to one’s intuition. As well as in understanding such Divine Wisdom as stated by Elias Longsdale:

The blessing is what happens when you let go of the need, the pressure, the idea that it has to be a certain way. For there is a gift in being all ways and no particular way at all.

and too the importance of:

Seeing each point of view as valid. Listening attentively to all the voices as they reveal the many sides of the way it is.


The Power Path says release past worries and increase self care:

It is time to move on from all of it, to put yourself first, to forgive others and to allow the transformation that wants to happen to begin to unfold.

Be patient with others, accommodate them in your life, care for yourself. … And spend time in water.

May you immerse in the watery depths of peace and calmness during this new moon phase.

Let your intuition be attuned to listening to your inner knowings while paying attention to the manifestation of outward signs.

There is much grace to be instilled in this new moon.

Float and flow with the motions of gentle, loving energies.

Seek your Soul’s trusted companions and allow your connection to be blessed in Truth, Kindness and Love.



re-imagining church

This is one of the messages I was looking for earlier this Spring when it became evident of what was going on locally in the Pittsfield UU Church.

It is critical for congregational leaders to really, deeply acknowledge and understand that the congregation is the people – not the church. The congregation is the people. Meet them where they are, nourish them, and allow them to grow.


I’ve tried to hold out hope – for hope’s sake. But someone close has said the writing has been on the wall since before I moved here about the demise of this particular would-be UU church.

Congregational Life and authentic welcome is critical to the life of a church.

Back to Zero is often necessary before positive shifts can happen.

What is the mission?

What is the purpose?

It is critical to give attention to these rather than pandering to the constituencies already here among us.

And to have the faith to say Yes more often to nuanced ideas and encourage the champions and leaders of our congregations to have leadership roles.

Yes, fill leadership positions with Leaders…And let them Lead.

Leaders who have a bold vision for our congregations.

And a bold vision for how Unitarian Universalism can positively impact the world.

Our congregation can be more than a shrine to distant memories.

Our congregation can be a place where we gather together for spiritual exploration.

Collaborating with other neighboring congregations.

Reaching out to those in our communities seeking spiritual sanctuary and a place to call their spiritual home.

May this become so.