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International Flower Communion Celebration at Twinkle’s Place

Twinkle’s Place has accepted the invitation to join our siblings in faith from around the globe to participate in an International Flower Communion.

In honor of the 95th Anniversary of the Flower Communion on Sunday being celebrated in Prague this year on June 4th, 2017.

Join us at Twinkle’s Place for a sunset walk of our gardens and to the Sebasticook River. Followed by a Flower Communion Service and Celebration of our international heritage.

If you cannot make it to Twinkle’s Place, yet wish to participate on your own, visit this link for information:

The Flower Communion is one of Unitarian Universalists most favorite things!

History of the Flower Communion:



The VUU – A Handmaid’s Protest with Erin Walter

Worth watching this week’s episode of The VUU!

I admit, I was not going to watch the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale because being familiar with Margaret Atwood’s powerful novel and living in a society where we have systemic elitism that lead to a version of what is otherwise depicted as a dystopian society where “things like this happen only happen on TV” are very much a reality in our day. With much transformation needed in our world, we all have to choose which call to answer and which cause to actively advocate. If anyone in Maine would like to participate in a Handmaid’s Vigil group, please let us know and we can connect you with others who are hoping to form one! Groups would go to State House, but also act locally in smaller numbers within their own communities.


“A Litany of Gratitude”

These beautiful words by Rev. Mel Pine :

A Litany of Gratitude

Some came here looking for solace.
Some came here and gave it to them.

Some came here seeking music.
Some came here and gave it, joyfully.

Some came here seeking laughter.
Some came here and created it.

Some came here seeking learning, growth.
Some came here and provided it.

Some came here looking for a sense of security, a safe haven.
Some came here and provided it.

Some came here seeking an escape from hectic lives.
Some came here and enabled them to have it.

Some came here seeking the joy of community.
Some came here and created that.

Some came here wanting to serve.
Some came here and made it possible for them.

We thank them all

  • – – –

Please visit Rev. Mel Pine’s website:

Tuesday Morning Message from UUA Interim Co-Presidents

This message from our Interim Co-Presidents is so key to the current macrocosm of our denomination, and within the microcosm of our congregational communities.
“These are times for us to engage and communicate out of our most faithful selves, mindful of our first principle, striving to maintain relationship even when deeply held opinions vary. We invite you to join us in embracing these moments of opportunity for finding a new way forward.”
May our best selves step forward to face these challenging times. May we strive to hear each other beyond our assumptions and ingrained beliefs. May our living tradition ever reflect our shared values. Amen 

Mother’s Day Blues Gathering and Ritual

If Mother’s Day is difficult for you, please join us Saturday, May 13th 7:00pm-9:00pm at Twinkle’s Place where all your emotions will be held in sacred space.

Mother’s Day is incredibly difficult for many women.

Women who have had challenging circumstances with their own mothers.

Women who have difficult situations with their children.

Women whose mother’s have died.

Women who carry pain in their hearts daily having had their child or children die.

Single or divorced mothers who share their children with another parent in less than ideal circumstances.

Single mothers who carry the full responsibility of sole-parenting all by themselves.

Stepmothers who struggle to live up to their stepchildren’s expectations.

Biological mothers who worry that they are being replaced by their child’s stepmother.

Adoptive mothers who carry concerns about biological mothers reappearing in their children’s lives.

Women who are estranged from their children.

Women who have miscarried children.

And all manner of modern day family situations that create complicated emotions for women.

And, also,

Women who would dearly love to have children, yet are infertile.


Women who have chosen to not have children, yet mother in many ways.

Join us as we gather in ritual to honor who we are, and where we are, on our journeys.

Saturday, May 13th 7:00pm-9:00pm