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This Sunday in Pittsfield Maine

The Meeting House Singers led by Reverend Jess Tardy, and accompanied by a cadre of talented musicians including our own Matrika Press-published poet and songwriter Wes Burton, along with Rodney Mashia, Cynthia Chatis and Ed Arnold will be creating a beautiful service in Pittsfield this week. Jess has been bringing long-awaited new light to this church. She is newly ordained as an Interfaith Minister by the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (and a lovely soulful woman!!!). Grateful to see glimmers of positive transformation in this congregation. May their spiritual growth be blessed and may they continue on this new and transformational path.

Emma’s Revolution Concert w/ Women With Wings

Friends, join us in Bangor on Saturday, June 1st at 7:30pm for the Emma’s Revolution Concert with Women With Wings!! Pat Humpries and Sandy Opatow are award winning songwriters, whose compelling lyrics and beautiful harmonies lead the way forward in our justice movements. Our own Women With Wings singing group will be joining them for several songs. What a joyous evening it will be! Click the links below for tickets.

Something You Love

This song may well encompass 80-90% of what I preach about in churches, and talk about in media presentations. 

Time is precious. Do something you love. 

(PS: Dad and Charlie would have Loved performing this song…so in my mind, they are) 

Nimo’s New Song!

A new release of an inspirational song!

Some history:

I first came to know of Nimo about six years ago. His is a journey from MTV rap star to Humanitarian musician living a life dedicated to infusing our world with peace and love. In 2014 I was privileged to be part of a religiously diverse collegial team that hosted an event for him in at the Zen Center in Marblehead, MA. When my friend Myozen Joan Amaral visited me in Maine in 2016, we led a unique church service that included Nimo’s songs. (where Zen meets Hiphop!)

Bravo and Gratitude to Nimo and Daniel for their steadfast and beautiful messages of peace. May we be inspired to create similarly focused messages in all we do.

Castles on Lancey


This song has been a regular tune in our home so far this year. To be seen, to be known, to be loved and to always have a place to call home – some of the gifts to my son and his friends as they grow up in our community of friends. He and his friends will experience both joys and sorrows here. They will make ridiculously impulsive mistakes, cause us worry and frustration, and they will light up our lives with their creativity and amaze us with their unbelievable talents. May we remember the latter when they do the former. May we protect them and keep them safe even as we guide them and allow them room to grow.

#LifeOnLancey #WeHaveTheVillageItTakes