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About Prayer

Time for All Ages: Silly Geese

Undoubted Love

A Time for Everything

The Gift of Absolute Belonging

Spirituality Check-in

Hunger and Greed

Musings of a Quiet Mind

We Must Learn to Speak With Love Again

They Move With Grace In and Out of Many Worlds

Time Will Tell

Let’s Talk About SEX

Entangled Muse

The Arc of Justice is Long

Purpose is Bringing the Love and Grace of Our Faith

When Choosing Thoughts, Words and Actions, Remember We Are Inter-Connected

Prayers for the Children

Pedophiles at Church?

Drum Major for Life

Hospitality – a Pillar of Our Faith

Peace Cards

persist perhaps not resist

A Blessing for January 21st, 2017

Love Will Prevail

Mercury Retrograde + Full Moon = Be Kind to Each Other or Be Quiet

Dear Winter

The Violence Needs to Stop

When You Lead With Love

No Longer Afraid of the Dark

The Universe Listens Back

My Canadian Boxing Day

Blessings of Bruises on the Inside

Borrowed Time

Silence Found in Holy Tenderness

The Place Where Time Stands Still – vision

Assiduously Protected Heart

Repeats and Renditions

Gravitational Time Dilation

Pillars in the Menagerie of Attributes

Life as a kaleidoscope of color

Finite Mindfullness

With Words

Songwriting, Susurrus and Imaginative Meditation

Dear Winter

Joseph – Exemplar of Men

Alternate Christmastime Narratives

Where Our Allegiance Abides

We are each other’s Christs

A Prognosticated Week 

Do You Pray?

An invitation, and a meditation practice


Move Your Body!


Thealogy Defined Very Simply

Immanence and Transcendence

How I experience the Goddess in my Life

A glimpse at my Personal Path with the Goddess

Favorite Sacred Feminine Books and Authors


Persephone: a story of empowerment

Autumn Equinox & The Story of Mabon

A Myth to Heal a Young Mother’s Broken Heart

4/6/2017: Over the next few months, will gather old writings from other blogs and place under Musings here below. As well as add links to Twinkle’s newer writings. For Twinkle’s services and sermons, visit here.

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