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Sunday, July 3rd Service: In Our Own Image

On Sunday, July 3rd Twinkle is leading services at First Universalist Church of Pittsfield in Maine.  She is collaborating with Jason Curran, an amazing musician.

Together they will explore the sacred with those present.

The theme of the service and Twinkle’s sermon title is:

“In Our Own Image”

There are many ways Unitarian Universalists approach the topic of God.

This service clarifies the realities of conscious and unconscious worshipping.

Sunday, July 3rd – 9:45 AM

July 3rd promo

For other services by Twinkle and Jason, visit here.

What Twinkle has to say about the creation of this service:

“The idea is that we all worship something.  And what we choose to worship can help us make sense out of life, even when life seems senseless.  What we choose to worship can comfort us, bring us joy, and have us greeting each morning in gratitude.  Or, what we choose to worship can eat us alive. We get to choose to whom we belong, which ‘god’ we will obey. The first step toward doing so is to understand the distinctions of conscious and unconscious worshipping. Also, Jason and I composed a song together for this service based on an old hymn. I find great meaning in doing this kind of co-creation together.”

The Pamphlet Podcast: A Unitarian Death

This episode of The Pamphlet Podcast, Susan and Sean explore the transcendental shockwave that was set off with the creation of Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Watertown, MA in 1831. They explore a Unitarian perspective of death and the ritual that should mark the passing of life into death.  This historical offering highlights the Unitarian contribution to social reform in pioneering a new way of how the living should ritually mark the passing of life into death.

A Unitarian Death


Summertime 2016 Book Group

This summer we’ve selected to read Jim Brickman’s “Simple Things” in July and Kenneth Keith’s “Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments” in August.

Wednesday, July 20th

Simple Things by Jim Brickman

People today are constantly on the run. Between work and kids and relationships, there’s hardly a moment to breathe.

Composer/recording artist Jim Brickman realized that he was leading a life that revolved around cell phones, emails, red-eyes, and answering services. He also knew that it was time to stop, reevaluate, and simplify his life. And so, this book came into being . . .

Simple Things is a collection of humorous, poignant essays that will help you get out of the fast lane and savor life’s true pleasures — from a vacation in your own neighborhood to holding a newborn baby for the first time. In his soothing yet pointed manner, Brickman mulls over how to get back to basics when it comes to life’s big topics — such as love, health, finances, creativity, travel, children, romance, parenting, and friendships.

Simple Things is mostly about opening your eyes. To life. To love. To friendship. And to ordinary miracles that make each day so sweet.

summer 2016 books

Wednesday, August 17th

Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments by Kenneth Keith

The Paradoxical Commandments were written by Kent M. Keith in 1968 as part of a booklet for student leaders.For more than thirty years, the Paradoxical Commandments have circled the globe.

They have been put on walls and refrigerator doors, featured in speeches and articles, preached from pulpits, and shared extensively on the web. They have been used by business leaders, military commanders, government officials, religious leaders, university presidents, social workers, teachers, rock stars, parents, coaches, and students.

Mother Teresa thought the Paradoxical Commandments were important enough to put up on the wall of her children’s home in Calcutta.

The Paradoxical Commandments have touched the hearts of millions of people all over the world. We hope that the Paradoxical Commandments will touch your heart, too!

Introducing: The Pamphlet

We are delighted to share the creation of a new information sharing podcast that features Unitarian Universalist history.  The Pamphlet will air every two weeks.  Here is some information:

The Pamphlet: What’s in a name?

Details about the launch of this project are found on their Faithify campaign page:

Bring Back The Pamphlets! Fund A New UU History Podcast

Gemini Moon 2016

What wondrous things await the patiently appreciative heart!

The new moon in Gemini is conjunction Venus, making all things possible for the heart’s direction to change with ease and freedom.  It is also opposite Saturn and square with Neptune and Jupiter, which create a healthy platform for discerning authentic Truths.  Truths that you can choose to be unencumbered by echoes of past failures, misunderstandings and false assumptions.  Truths, once unveiled, that can clear already opened doorways so you can step into paths shining in light.

If love crosses your path on this new moon, you can be assured that you will be able to let go of old patterns and trust what is in front of you.  So, set aside what you think you know, follow with confidence where your heart guides you.


What are the experts saying about this new moon?

Diotima (of Witches & Pagans) tells us:

“This Gemini New Moon features an interesting astrological pattern called a Grand Cross, and it will challenge us all to look closely at what we take on faith in our lives, at our personal philosophies, and how we craft our daily lives from ideas, beliefs and emotions.”

Mystic Mamma contributor, SARAH VARCAS reminds us that:

“True power lies in embracing the mystery and our state of unknowing. In doing so we unlock the alchemy of surrender which enables our reality to shift and change in ways we could not fashion by our own might.”

About this year’s Gemini moon, KELLEY ROSANO says:

“Allow a fresh perspective to take hold of you. Let today be the first day of your life. The past does not equal the future. There is unlimited potential in the human spirit. Keep your mind open. Open your heart and let the light in.  A new day is dawning for you. … Clean out the closet of your mind. Clean out your basement. Get organized. Release what no longer serves you. …When you clean out the past, you feel lighter. That is because you are filling your space with Light. This will empower you. It is your destiny to live a Joyful life.”

Tanaaz (from Forever Conscious) tells us,

“All of the retrograde energy that we have been encountering recently has been helping us to stir up the past and release it”

new moon june

June offers these and many other blessings.  
May your path be filled with the light of truth;
May your heart be open to welcome that which you desire most.


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Explore information about our UU 7th Principle and Pagan Path in connection with the sixth source we draw our Unitarian Universalist faith from.

Our Favorite UU Things Church Service

From color psychology and Vedic hymns to family traditions and the structure of individual perception within a cultural construct, we will explore Our Favorite Things:

What are your favorite things about this Church?

What are your favorite things about Unitarian Universalism?

What are your favorite things about Life on Earth?

This service arranged by “Twinkle” Marie Manning is accompanied by musician Jason Curran with songs from The Sound of Music.

Sunday, June 5th – 9:45 AM

First Universalist Church of Pittsfield

Our Favorite Things Service

Service Leader: “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Musician: Jason Curran

Favorite Things Order of Service 62016

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