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Indigenous Soul Revival – Book Selection

We are delighted to explore this book by Cathie Stivers: Reviving Our Indigenous Souls: How to Practice the Ancient to Bring in the New. Be sure to get your copy now and Join us in September for our book discussion group!

The video link below is a message featuring the Author talking about how this book came into being, and how we can apply the wisdom in our lives:

Note: Cathie is a member of UUSCM !!

Approved UUA Related Organization!!

It’s official – “Twinkle’s Place” is an approved UUA Related Organization for Congregational Life!! As an interfaith minister my path has not been conventional, but it has been deeply blessed. I am grateful to be welcomed into our UU faith community and have my unique ministries be given a place of belonging. Join us in Pittsfield and on Moosehead Lake!!

ArtSeek on Moosehead Lake

Summertime on Moosehead Lake in Maine:  The “ArtSeek” program, designed by Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning, is where “The Artist’s Way” meets “The Seeker’s Guide”!! Inspired by the works and wisdom of Julia Cameron and Elizabeth Lesser, the ArtSeek curriculum is designed to:

✫  Re-establish the artist’s commitment to her work

✫  Cultivate a relationship with whatever serves as her Muse

✫  Build a support system to foster continued creativity and joy 

Page Updated: November 2019 ArtSeek @ Twinkle’s Place – Moosehead Lake Retreats