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Water Communion Service in Waterville September 9th, 2018

Join Us!

Sunday, September 9th, 2018  (10:00 am)

The Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville

69 Silver Street, Waterville, Maine

The Winds of Summer:

a Water Communion Service to Gather The Beloved Community

Guest in the Pulpit: Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning

”Community means strength that joins us our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing.  A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free."

~ Starhawk 


Spiritual Leaders – Join us at Twinkle’s Place

Friends who are looking for a location to gather your community together in Maine – You Are Invited to lead a Workshop, Retreat, Ritual or Service at Twinkle’s Place!!!
Twinkle’s Place is available all Four New England Seasons! So, if you have a community you area seeking to gather together in a spacious, beautiful and sacred location in the heart of Maine, please contact us.

An invitation…

If you live near me (Pittsfield, Maine) and have time this week at 8:00AM on Monday or Wednesday morning – – this message is for you This is the meditation room in my home. I promised myself that I will spend time here each day, and ….most mornings… I keep that promise And when I do the day consistently goes much better. Even if I come face-to-face with something unpleasant, I am better equipped to respond with ease, or at least with peace-of-mind and more compassionate words.

I am not a Buddhist, though I do incorporate some Buddhist practices into mine. My typical morning-time in my sanctuary is a 10 minute “Sit” or “Zazen” (“seated meditation”) and I generally focus on gratitude. It is not fancy and there are no elaborate words spoken. I usually place one or both my hands on my heart, listen to my heartbeat and follow my breath. I set my chimes on my phone to gently alert me when the 10 minutes is up. Usually the time flies by and sometimes I reset it for another 10 minutes, and sometimes another 10 after that. But I promise you even sitting still for 10 minutes, shifts the way the day goes. There is something about sitting in this place, (a place that is not where I occupy my sitting the rest of the day) with the sole intention of gathering myself towards gratitude. It is special and I invite you to experience it with me. Hopefully it can help ease the aches in our hearts as we begin to find our way forward post-election

If you have time Monday or Wednesday morning, come sit with me for 10 minutes.
Then we can share some coffee, tea and breakfast together.
Sending love,
 Twinkle Marie 🌸🎶🌸


Love Will Prevail


Emma’s Revolution in Concert – – BANGOR October 21st + Workshop October 22nd


Join Emma’s Revolution for a pop-up concert in Bangor!

Friday, October 21 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

They will also be doing their “Finding Harmony” workshop on Saturday, October 22nd in the morning at 10:30am.

Tickets are $18 for the concert and $18 for the workshop.

Combo tickets (to attend both the concert and the workshop) are $30.

Follow THIS LINK for the Facebook event page

and click THIS LINK to purchase tickets to the concert and/or the workshop!


Zen Retreat – April 3rd

Sunday, April 3, 2016  1:00-4:00pm

Myozen Joan Amaral, Guiding Dharma Teacher of Marblehead Zen Center, will be presenting an Introductory to Zen Workshop at Twinkle’s Place!

Joan Amaral headshot

During this workshop Joan will review an intro to Zazen meditation.

Participants will enjoy:

– short sit

– walking meditation (outside – weather permitting)

– Guided meditation

– Zazen

– Tea and Dharma Conversation

There is no charge for this event – love offerings welcome.


kevin intern w kalimba

Joan will be joined by Marblehead Zen Center’s intern: Kevin Peng, who will share


zen circle

Joan is also leading services at First Universalist Church of Pittsfield Sunday Morning at 9:45AM – – – ALL ARE WELCOME.   Visit Church FACEBOOK Page

 And, for more information about UU Buddhist Paths, visit here.