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Hospitality 2.0

We know many of our UU friends and compassionate colleagues will be traveling distances on Saturday to attend the Women’s March 2.0 in Augusta.   If you are seeking a place to stop, have a warm cup of coffee or tea, and relax for a short while, perhaps even sit in our meditation room, before you proceed to or from the Maine State Capitol, please know there is a friendly, welcoming home for you to visit enroute. 

Twinkle’s Place is just of I-95 in Pittsfield: Exit 150 (40 minutes south of Bangor / 40 minutes north of Augusta).

IF you think you may wish to stop in, let me know and we will be prepared.  BUT also feel free to decide spur-of-the-moment depending on how you feel on Saturday.

Open House:

Saturday, January 20th


Twinkle’s Place

164 Lancey Street

Pittsfield, Maine

cell: (760) 889-5428


My Religion is Kindness

As an interfaith minister, my spirituality and my religious practices and awarenesses draw from many paths. Tara Brach’s weekly class is part of my spiritual calendar.

This is the first part of her Kindness lesson. I will post the second part here as soon as it is available. <3 #TaraBrach