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A Time for Everything

With eternity in our hearts

everything is made beautiful in its time.

a time to heal;

a time to build;

a time to laugh;

a time to dance;

a time to gather;

a time to embrace;

a time to mend;

a time for peace;

a time to love.

Scattered stones need weep no more, for the seeds planted and watered with tears of mourning give way to the seasons of happiness and the heavens rejoice as it is time.

Inspired by Peter Gabriel’s “The Book of Love” and Ecclesiastes 3 (NIV) and this moment in Time.

The Radical Act of Savoring

In this moment of diving deep into relationship, and completely savoring each day that is perpetual blessing, I appreciate the validation I find in Tara’s video to welcome joy and deep appreciation for the gifts of life, indeed, to savor it! (and, spoiler alert: she reads one of my favorite poems from Mary Oliver!)

#TaraBrach #PermissionToLove

A Million Little Things

It is not often we share/promote network programming. Let alone shows we’ve not even watched yet.  However, this new series seems to be addressing some of the most important hidden topics experienced by the vast majority: the need for authentic connections, coping with hopelessness and depression, finding meaning in life, how every moment – every choice – matters and impacts others in often unforeseeable ways, facing our fears, and learning how to tend to the wounds in others while we heal our own hearts and minds. Here’s hoping the creators and producers are able to bring forward a show that opens the door for conversations about these things to be more freely spoken about.

Mother’s Day 2018

Yesterday’s Mother’s Day I was pampered by my loves in the morning. They made me breakfast and served it to me in bed. The entire day was filled with relaxation and fun, in nature, with friends, with my loves, and with new family.  Life on Lancey Street is beautiful. Our gardens are beginning to bloom, our children’s laughter can be heard in the air. Our friendships keep deepening and our circle keeps growing. Last night, after a day of all of us Moms being able to rest and simply enjoy the day, 17 of us gathered to share dinner together. Then at the end of the evening walked across the street to our homes, satisfied and happy. My wish for the world is that everyone is able to experience and live in this kind of beloved community.  My wish is that everyone is able to love and be loved.  And to let go of the tethers to anything that prevents this to come into being. There are reasons for which I will hold the telling of in other postings, but Yesterday’s Mother’s Day was a first. I have been a mother for 26 years. In all that time I have never once really celebrated Mother’s Day. Nor, been truly celebrated on Mother’s Day in such unequivocal ways by those who reside with me. Until yesterday. For this and a thousand more things, I am grateful. I accept this gift of change. I accept this time of loving and being loved.


Mothering on the Inside by Anna Huckabee Tull

My dear friend Anna Huckabee Tull‘s take on Mother’s Day.

“There is an oft-shared story in my family about a gentleman—a friend of the family, apparently—who pulled my grandmother aside when she was only five years old and attending the funeral of her very own mother who had just passed away from a prolonged illness. He handed my little-girl grandmother a mirror and invited her to look into it, asking her, ‘Do you see that face? Those eyes? Look carefully into that face, because that young girl you see in the mirror is someone you are going to need to look out for, to listen to, and to be a mother to. You are going to need to do it yourself, now. You are capable of this.’”

Click link below to read Anna’s full blog post

mothering on the inside