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See You Beautiful

Especially for friends who are struggling within our beloved communities – may you see each other as you are:


Look for the best in each other. Each and every day.

“It may take sometime.  It may be hard to find.”

“Could you take a chance? Could you find a way?”

See yourselves shining through,

in everything you do,

see each other:


embrace life even in the face of darkness

Somedays you just need a little extra encouragement and turning towards someone who has followed his passion – and lost it, only to move towards a new calling even more passionately, is such a blessing.

Rev. David Ruffin’s story is inspirational.  From theatre stage to church pulpit, he has captured the hearts and minds of many.
This morning for all those experiencing loss and transition, and for those who face depression as a familiar part of their experience, I encourage you to read his words.

“I remember pouring over inspirational books. I found few answers, but I did find friends:

Parker Palmer assured me that feelings of depression were not only normal but a gift that ­could lead me deeper and help ‘let my life speak.’

Kahlil Gibran reframed my present pain as something that was carving space for future joy.

Mary Oliver proclaimed her gospel: ‘You do not have to be good.’

And Rainer Maria Rilke urged patience ‘with everything unresolved in (my) heart…​to love the questions themselves.’

Most importantly, I learned I had good company in struggling to find my way….

…..Still, was it my purpose?”

read Dave’s full essay, here:


Meet the Candidates for UUA President

Each of the three candidates will be appearing as guests on The VUU in the month of March:

Susan Frederick-Gray, March 2nd at 11:00AM

Jeanne Pupke, Thursday, March 23rd at 11:00AM

Alison Miller, Thursday, March 30th at 11:00AM

We will continue to update this page as the interviews are available from The VUU.

And, if you are in Central Maine on Thursdays, you are welcome to watch The VUU in community at Twinkle’s Place.  11:00AM EST.