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Let go of Contempt

Great article by Arthur C. Brooks on how to have compassionate communication with and about those we disagree with in politics, spirituality, philosophy and more. He sites that The problem in America today is not incivility or intolerance, rather, it is “motive attribution asymmetry” which breeds contempt.

“What we need is not to disagree less, but to disagree better. And that starts when you turn away the rhetorical dope peddlers — the powerful people on your own side who are profiting from the culture of contempt. As satisfying as it can feel to hear that your foes are irredeemable, stupid and deviant, remember: When you find yourself hating something, someone is making money or winning elections or getting more famous and powerful. Unless a leader is actually teaching you something you didn’t know or expanding your worldview and moral outlook, you are being used.”

A Beautiful Christmas Song

"The First Noel" Leslie Odom Jr. ft. PS22 Chorus

Brace yourself for one of the most brilliant and beautiful Christmas performances the PS22 Chorus has ever done, this one with the help of singer/actor/awesome dude, Leslie Odom Jr.! If this doesn't get you into the holiday spirit, nothing will! And special thanks to PS22 alum Denise for helping me direct on this one!

Posted by Gregg Breinberg (PS22 Chorus Director) on Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Perhaps it’s because half way through my childhood my parents began studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses and we stopped celebrating Holidays and I make up for lost time in my adulthood; perhaps it’s just because there is beauty in the Christmas music. Either way, I share this here for each of you. A beautiful rendition of The First Noël

Regarding Gossip

A reminder that is timely and important. Gossip and slander causes suffering. It is both what is said and what is unsaid. Yes, silent solidarity of Gossiping causes suffering to the person being gossiped about. #TaraBrach