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The mark of spiritual maturity is the ability to deal with paradox

“The mark of spiritual maturity is the ability to deal with paradox...” Rev. Jaelynn Pema-la Scott

This week on The VUU, in addition to calling us to be more embracing of our transgender and queer siblings and varieties of trans theologies, we are called to embrace ministries, rituals and paths that embody and celebrate our unique spiritualities within and beyond our existing faith traditions.

Speaking about being in the margins of faith, spiritually and theology, Rev. Jaelynn Pema-la Scott says, 

"Everything we do is revolutionary. Anything that we develop and hold true to ourselves is liberative ...

Anytime I pray it is an act of revolution. 

It is activism.

Anytime I declare myself a minister and say that my ordination is valid and that I hold wisdom and truth, that is an act of resistance.”

May each journey, mysterious and divine, be blessed.

On this International Day of Peace

May we take time today to intentionally embody Peace.

May Peace be with us as we waken to another day of Life.

May Peace be our Guide as we interact with others.

May Peace hold us in compassion should our fears and sorrows be winning the moment.

May Peace shepherd us forward towards our triumphs and joys.

May Peace preside in our hearts, where the Holy Quiet merges with our deepest desires.

May Peace make us whole, even as the world is made whole by Peace.

Blessed Be.


For the names that remain unspoken…

Today, may we also say a prayer for the many names that do not appear on any memorial and the ones that remain unspoken aloud due to the fear that exists in our country. May those grieving the loss of such loved ones find warmth in the embrace of those they can trust with their truth. May our planet usher in a time when all are safe and welcome and free.


Water Communion Service in Waterville September 9th, 2018

Join Us!

Sunday, September 9th, 2018  (10:00 am)

The Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville

69 Silver Street, Waterville, Maine

The Winds of Summer:

a Water Communion Service to Gather The Beloved Community

Guest in the Pulpit: Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning

”Community means strength that joins us our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing.  A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free."

~ Starhawk