Upcoming Retreats & Gatherings

PLEASE NOTE: Twinkle’s Place is located at her home in Rockwood, Maine. We are seeking to expand locations and will continue to share information as it becomes available. 

  • Retreats, Workshops, Seminars, Panels, Salons, Concerts and more throughout the year in collaboration with TV for Your Soul, Melusine’s Haven, and other groups, organizations and individuals.
  • Recurring Hygge events
  • Seasonal gatherings and inspirational services

 Twinkle Hosts:

  • Mondays – Morning Mantras and Moment Meditations that provide a single thought/affirmation to use as a touchstone throughout that day and week. The mantra is placed in the format of a digital image that includes a beautiful photo, typically a landscape. 
  • Tuesdays –  Contemplative Service Series, gathering in-person each Tuesday, (such as the one’s Twinkle hosted Historic Log Chapel in Rockwood). (7:00pm-7:45pm)
  • Wednesdays – ArtSeek Workshops June through October.
  • Sundays – Twinkle offers a spiritual/worship message on Sundays: live worship services and/or contemplative service replays. ((Currently these take place at the UU Church in Waterville, Maine two Sundays per month))
  • Monthly – Women’s Minerva Potluck Gathering + Ritual (Register for this event here: TwinkleManning@gmail.com) 
  • Quarterly – Poetry Slam
  • Twinkle hosts three Empowering Women Signature Television vents annually. When Twinkle’s Place finds its new location, she will begin hosting these monthly.

2024-2025 Events Calendar will resume in full when our new location is established! In the meantime, below are some of Twinkle’s upcoming engagements: 

2024 Calendar Dates

January 14th – Worship Service – Waterville

January 28th – Worship Service – Waterville

February 11th – Worship Service – Waterville

February 25th – Worship Service – Waterville

March 10th – Worship Service – Waterville

March 31st – Worship Service – Waterville

April 14th – Worship Service – Waterville

April 28th – Worship Service – Waterville

May 5th – Worship Service – Waterville

May 12th – Worship Service – Waterville

June 9th – Worship Service – Waterville

June 13-16th – Gifts by the Lake Weekend Retreat + Empowering Women Salon Gathering

June 23th – Worship Service – Waterville

August – Melusine’s Haven Retreat on Kineo

December 19th – Blue Christmas in-person gathering – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

December TBA- Blue Christmas online gathering – connecting wherever you are around the world – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

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Recurring Gatherings 

  • Coffeehouses with music, poetry, reflections, and more. 
  • This website is a resource for all of us who are drawn to the Mystical aspects of Life and Living.
house 1 crop
Twinkle’s Lancey Street House 2015-2021

sacred symbol women green seed

2023 Dates

January 8th – – Worship Service – “Envisioning a Year”

January 11th – Contemplative Service

January 15th – Contemplative Service Replay

January 22nd – –Operator’s Manual: Exploring the Matos Mantras”

January 25th – Contemplative Service

January 29th – Contemplative Service Replay

February 1st – Contemplative Poetry Service

February 5th – Contemplative Poetry Service Replay

February 9th – IRAS Webinar featuring philosopher Jeremy Lent with Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning as the respondent. 

February 12th – – Worship Service – Cherishing (a Valentine’s Day sermon): 

February 15th – Contemplative Service

February 19th – Contemplative Service Replay

February 26th- – Roses in Winter”

March 1st – Contemplative Service

March 5th – Contemplative Service Replay

March 12th – Worship Service – Sacred Rebels”

March 15th – Contemplative Service

March 19th – Contemplative Service Replay

March 26th – Worship Service – Fold as You Go!”

March 29th – Empowering Women – Signature Event  – New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

March 30th- Art Paint-n-Sip Mermaid style Event to benefit Melusine’s Haven – New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

April 2nd – Contemplative Service Replay

April 9th – Worship Service – In Our Own Image”

April 12th – Contemplative Service

April 16th – Contemplative Service Replay

April 23rd – Worship Service – Love the Land You’re With”

April 26th – Contemplative Service

April 30th – Contemplative Service Replay

May 7th – Worship Service – Intentional Creativity”

May 14th – Mother’s Day – Worship Service – “Mothering Mothers”

May 17th – Contemplative Service

May 21st – Contemplative Service Replay

May 26-27 – Annual Women’s Memorial Day Weekend Retreat

May 31st – Contemplative Service

June 3rd – Gifts by the Lake Retreat – Moosehead Lake, Maine.

June 4th – Contemplative Service Replay

June 11th – Worship Service – Flower Communion: June’s Calling”

June 14th – Contemplative Service

June 15th – Special Celebration – Book Launch Party

June 18th – Contemplative Service Replay

June 25th – Worship Service –Our Favorite Things and Living Life as a Prayer”

June 28th – Contemplative Service

< <Summer 2023 – Open Sanctuary – The Church of Kineo (throughout summer)>>

During the Summer of 2023, Twinkle will be leading a Contemplative Service Series each Tuesday at the Historic Log Chapel in Rockwood, Maine throughout July and August. (7:00pm-7:45pm)

July 23rd – Worship Service – Rockwood’s Historic Log Chapel

July 28th – ArtSeek Workshop

July 30th – Worship Service – Rockwood’s Historic Log Chapel

August 9th – ArtSeek Workshop

September 3rd – Worship Service – Rockwood’s Historic Log Chapel

September 10th – Worship Service – Water Communion

September 24th – Worship Service – “Attitudes of Atonement”

October 8th – Worship Service – “Through lines – Part 1” 

October 22nd – Worship Service – “Holy Hauntings”

November 12th – Worship Service – “Through lines – Part 2” 

November 26th – Worship Service –

December 8th – Literary Holiday Party – Bangor, ME

December 9th – Second Annual Bangor Authors’ Book Fair and Literary Festival

December 10th – Worship Service –

December 16th – NAUA Worship Service Via Zoom – 1:00PM Eastern Time 

December 17th – Worship Service –

December 19th – Blue Christmas in-person gathering – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

December TBA- Blue Christmas online gathering – connecting wherever you are around the world – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

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PLEASE NOTE: For a glimpse at past events at Twinkle’s Place, CLICK HERE.

house 1 crop
Twinkle’s Lancey Street House 2015-2021

In 2021 we bid farewell to our Lancey Street retreat center. The location served us well for almost seven years.

It was time to move full-time to our Lake-side retreat locations. One in Rockwood and one in the heart of Kineo.

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