Upcoming Retreats & Gatherings

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PLEASE NOTE: Twinkle’s Place is her Private Homes where Friends gather.

Friends, check back often for Calendar Updates – we will list activities here in Maine, as well as throughout USA, Canada and Internationally! For detailed information about our Moosehead Lake location, also visit: www.MooseheadLakeRetreats.org

Calendar Notes

from March 16th onward:  In response to COVID-19 Pandemic Response to Shelter in Place, All Gatherings at Twinkle's Place locations in Pittsfield and Rockwood (as well as any productions and events for Community Television productions Twinkle oversees, and events and gatherings she has been scheduled to speak at elsewhere) have either been postponed or transitioned to online platforms. See calendar below for links to details.

Current UU Women & Religion Calendar:

  • Mondays – Morning Mantras that provide a single thought/affirmation for our UU Women to use as a touchstone throughout that day and week. The mantra is placed in the format of a digital image that includes a beautiful photo, typically a landscape. With the exception of the month of May when the images are all closeups of flowers as so many of our congregations host their Flower Communion during that month I thought it would be nice to make that as the offering here too.
  • Tuesdays – Minerva Online Potluck Gathering + Ritual (Register for this event here: https://www.uuwf.org/events)
  • Thursdays – A prayer, blessing or meditation. Typically in image and text form, but sometimes also in audio.
  • Sundays – A video – typically a reading, poem or prayer.

The above are offerings created by Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning, interfaith minister and co-convener of UU Women & Religion. We also post links to songs, chants, meditations and intentionally lift up the work of other inspirational women throughout each week. Posts appear on our Facebook pages:



UU Women’s Spirituality Facebook Group – (for deeper exploration of topics, connection and sharing):


Recurring Gatherings: 

Third Wednesday of each month…

On the date of Each Full Moon “Twinkle” hosts a gathering in her home for friends who wish to celebrate with her…

  • RE for KIDS in Pittsfield, Greenville and Rockwood, Maine 
At the behest of Orion, we will begin RE for Kids in Maine on the First Wednesday of Each month.  As interest and attendance grows, we can offer weekly classes and also theme-based workshops and retreat days.

The VUU is a live talkshow produced by the Church for the Larger Fellowship specifically geared for Unitarian Universalists. A new episode is broadcast each Thursday at 11:00 am Eastern on YouTube.  The VUU is hosted by Meg Riley and Joanna Crawford, with Tom Schade, Hank Peirce, Aisha Hauser and Patrice Curtis.  Most Thursdays, “Twinkle” opens her home to those interested in coming to Twinkle’s Place, having some tea or coffee and “tuning in” to The VUU with her!  Then we chat about the show afterwards!

This website is a resource for all of us who are drawn to the Mystical aspects of Life and Living. UU Mystics offer twice monthly Zoom calls for ones so inspired to join in community.

Typically once per month, “Twinkle” hosts a class to broaden the understanding Unitarian Universalism.  Often times it is through uses of online media as she and those present review a sermon, audio, video, publication or curriculum by UU ministers and lay leaders who are well versed in the topics of discussion.  These take place on the 15th day of each month, unless otherwise noted in the calendar. 

Twinkle is one of the founding supporters of The Pamphlet, a podcast uncovering Unitarian Universalism’s hidden histories. The Pamphlet publishes a new podcast every two weeks and is hosted by: Susan Ritchie (Historian of Unitarian Universalism) and Sean Neil-Barron (Self-Proclaimed Amateur History Geek). Twinkle’s Place will share links to these podcasts.  You may also follow The Pamphlet directly on their website:  http://www.pamphletpodcast.org/ and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pamphletpodcast/.

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2020 Events Calendar will continue to be updated throughout the year!!

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January 21-30th – Tara Brach’s “Radical Compassion Challenge”

January – Twinkle’s Private Retreat New Smyrna Beach, Florida

January 29th – “Cultivating the Wild” film screening

Fireside Sermons Begin – Rockwood Maine

February 1st – Imbolc – Making Brigid’s Crosses and Hearth Ritual

February 14th – One Billion Rising Event

February 21st – Luminescence Celebration

March 5-9th – International Women’s Day Events.

March 17th – Online Minerva Potluck

March 18th Empowering Women TV Recordings begin in Maine

March 22nd – Twinkle preaches at Starr King UU Fellowship, Plymouth, NH transitioned to online meditative service due to Covid-19

March 24th – Online Minerva Potluck

March 26th – Twinkle leads instructional webinar for members and municipalities of the Community Television Association of Maine.

March 29th – –UUTwinkle preaches UU Waterville   transitioned to online message due to Covid-19

March 31st – Online Minerva Potluck

April 7th – Online Minerva Potluck

April 14th – Online Minerva Potluck

April 21st – Online Minerva Potluck

April 20th-23rd –UU Women in Seattle, WA Postponed due to Covid-19

April 28th – Online Minerva Potluck

May 5th – Online Minerva Potluck

May 12th – Online Minerva Potluck

May 14th – Women’s Red (Web) Tent

May 19th – Online Minerva Potluck

May 21st – Our Sacred Self Online Class

May 26th – Online Minerva Potluck

June 2nd – Online Minerva Potluck

June 9th – Online Minerva Potluck

June 16th – Online Minerva Potluck

June 22nd-26th – Dancing Jaguar Spirit Camp at Twinkle’s Place facilitated by Caroline Davison – Postponed due to Covid-19

June 23rd – Online Minerva Potluck

June 24-27- The Red Tent at UU Women & Religion space during General Assembly in Providence Rhode Island – due to Covid-19 GA is Now an Online event.

June 30th – Online Minerva Potluck

July 7th – Online Minerva Potluck

July 11th – Lancey Street Crew Multi-Family Yard Sale – Egg Festival Week

July 14th – Online Minerva Potluck

July 21st – Online Minerva Potluck

July 28th – Online Minerva Potluck

August – Special Celebrity Guest Writers retreat at Moosehead Lake Retreats

August 4th – Online Minerva Potluck

August 11th – Online Minerva Potluck

August 17th-21st – Dancing Jaguar Spirit Camp at Twinkle’s Place facilitated by Caroline Davison – Postponed due to Covid-19

August 18th – Online Minerva Potluck

August 25th – Online Minerva Potluck

September – Holy Days for the Family

September 1st – Online Minerva Potluck

September 8th – Online Minerva Potluck

September 15th – Online Minerva Potluck

September 20th – Memorial Service in Rockwood for Riley Dai.

September 22nd – Online Minerva Potluck

September 29th – Online Minerva Potluck

October – Sacred Writing Writers retreat at Moosehead Lake Retreats

October 27th – UU Talks Zoom events for Congregational Hosts

November – NaNoWriMo with Twinkle!

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2019 Dates

**ArtSeek will be resumed this year!

January 1st, 2019 – New Year’s Day Celebration

January 7th – Minerva Circle at Twinkle’s Place

Winter Women – UU Women’s Heart – New England UU Women & Religion retreat at Ferry Beach and Moosehead Lake, Maine  (dates TBA January and February)

February 1st — Imbolc – Making Brigid’s Crosses and Hearth Ritual

February 4th – Minerva Circle at Twinkle’s Place

February 4th – CMMA & CTAM at KVCOG

Sunday, February 10th – Twinkle preaches at UU Waterville, Maine: “Undoubted Love, A Matter of Trust”

February 13th – CTAM at Hall of Flags, Augusta, ME

February 14th – 1 Billion Rising Event – Speaker’s Series

February 21st- Webinar: Mission and Metrics: How We Count What Counts” by New England Region UUA

March 1st – Holly Near Film Screening “Singing for Our Lives”

March 4th – Minerva Circle at Twinkle’s Place

Thursday, March 7th and Friday, March 8th, 2019 – International Women’s Day – Empowering Women Live-Studio-Audience Salon Gathering Events in California

April 1st – Minerva Circle at Twinkle’s Place

Saturday, April 20th, 2019 – Gift from the Sea Retreat

May 1st – (Beltane Blessings!)

May 6th – ArtSeek begins on Moosehead Lake

May 6th – Minerva Circle at Twinkle’s Place –

May 28th – Twinkle speaks at The Commons for “Coffee Talk” in Dover-Foxcroft

June 1st – Emma’s Revolution Concert w/ Women With Wings

June 3rd – Minerva Circle at Twinkle’s Place ((Postponed until September))

June 19-23, 2019 – Red Tent – UU Women & Religion – General Assembly – Spokane, WA

Sunday, June 30th –  Twinkle Preaches  – Open Sanctuary – Moosehead Lake, Maine

July 4th – Fireworks Cruise & Camping on Moosehead Lake

Sunday, July 7th – Ladies Champagne & Quiche Brunch on Lancey

Thursday, July 11th – Ladies Gathering on the Verandah in Greenville

Saturday, July 13th 2019 – Private Event Celebration – Twinkle & Ed’s Wedding!!!

July 2019 – ArtSeek retreats – sold out for July

Sunday, July 28th –  Twinkle Preaches  – Open Sanctuary – Moosehead Lake, Maine

August 3rd – Family Reunion – PEI, Canada

Saturday, August 24th – Gifts by the Lake Retreat – Moosehead Lake, Maine

Sunday, August 25th –  Twinkle Preaches  – Open Sanctuary – Moosehead Lake, Maine

Saturday, August 31st – Twinkle emcee’s Talent Show – Harmony Free Fair, Maine

Sunday, September 8th – Twinkle leads Water Ceremony – UU Waterville, Maine

Calendar Notes

Thursday, October 3rd – Twinkle presents at the MMA in Augusta, Maine

Sunday, October 6th – Twinkle preaches – Starr King UU Fellowship, Plymouth, NH (Video)

October 30th-November 1st – ACM in Portland, Maine (CTAM/CMMA team; Twinkle will be absent)

October 31st – Hallowe’en and Samhain Ritual

Saturday, November 9th – Twinkle books signing at The Commons Fall Folk Festival

Sunday, November 17th – Twinkle preaches – UU Waterville, Maine

Wednesday, November 20th – begin recording Empowering Women Maine

Thursday, November 28th – Thanksgiving

Sunday, December 1st – Twinkle preaches – UU Waterville, Maine

Wednesday, December 4th – begin recording Empowering Women Maine

December 24th – Christmas Eve

December 26th – Boxing Day Party

December 31st – New Year’s Eve Celebration

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2018 Calendar of Events:

Wednesday, January 17th – 6:00-9:00PM ART & AFFIRMATIONS: Tarot-Art and Word-of-the-Year Workshop

Saturday, January 20th – Hospitality 2.0 for travelers to the Women’s March

Saturday, January 27th – Twinkle to present at the Valley Arts Alliance Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 28th – Twinkle preaches at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor (UUSB)   PICTURES FROM THE SERVICE CLICK HERE

Wednesday, January 31st – Book Group

Thursday, February 1st, 2018 – Military Care Package creation – Ladies Night

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 – VDAY + One Billion Rising

Friday, February 16th, 2018 – Winter Break Kick-off Party! 

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 – International Women’s Day

Sunday, April 22, 2018 – “Come Sunday” viewing at Twinkle’s Place followed by conversations

June 2018 – The Seekers Table at Twinkle’s Place

June 2018 – Gifts by the Lake Retreat – Greenville, Maine (Group 1)

July 2018 – Gifts by the Lake Retreat – Greenville, Maine (Group 2)

July 29th – Harry Potter Movies 3:00pm onward (at Twinkle’s Place)

July 31st – Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Celebration in Bangor, Maine (Join Us)

August 2018 – Empowering Women Recordings in Maine and Massachusetts

August 2018 – Gift from the Sea Retreat + Blessingway – PEI, Canada

August 25th – Morgan Bailey’s Wedding, PEI Canada

August 30th – FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION!!! (Parents Day Event!)

August 30th – Merengue concert and dance (some friends will be attending this Bangor event)

Sunday, September 9th – Twinkle leads the Water Communion Service – UU Waterville Church, Maine

Tuesday, September 11th – UU Mystics Zoom group Theme: Theology and Mysticism.  9:00pm Eastern.

Tuesday, September 18th – UU Mystics Zoom group Theme: The Search for Truth 9:00pm Eastern.

September 22 –((Postponed until May)) – UU Women’s Leadership Retreat: “Many Voices/United Vision” – Boston, MA – virtual retreat.  This event will lay the groundwork for our Spring 2019 event co-led by International Women’s Convocation, UU Women’s Federation and UU Women and Religion (UUWR).

September 22 – Twinkle sings with Women With Wings at Common Ground Fair

September 28th – Karissa’s wedding in Maine

September 1st – Moosehead Lakes, Maine – Gifts by the Lake Retreat

October 6th – Moosehead Lakes, Maine – Gifts by the Lake Retreat

Sunday, October 7th – Twinkle Preaches  – Open Sanctuary – Moosehead Lake, Maine

October 13 – Private Celebration – Engagement Party!!

October 2018 – Empowering Women New England Recordings in Maine and Massachusetts

October 20th – The Universal Heartbeat of Morwen Two Feathers: An evening celebration with music, art, drumming and dancing – Concord, MA

October 26th-28th, 2018 – Rev. Thandeka’s Love Beyond Belief™ congregational workshop program to be held at First Parish in Portland, Maine

October 31st – Samhain

November 2nd – Children’s Día de los Muertos Crafts and Ritual – 3-5pm

November 11th – Twinkle Preaches Sermon: “Restore Us to Memory” at Starr King UU Fellowship, Plymouth, New Hampshire

November 22nd – Thanksgiving – Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

November 30th – Holiday Decorating (Arts Hygge Gathering) 6pm-9pm

December 17th – Open Temple: Blue Christmas Vigil

December 21st – Solstice Service

December 24th – Christmas Eve Service, Moosehead Lake, Maine

December 26th – Canadian Boxing Day Celebration – 10am-5pm

December 28th – ART & AFFIRMATIONS: Word-of-the-Year 6pm-9pm

December 31st – New Year’s Eve Celebration

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2017 Dates

Wednesday, January 18th – Book Discussion Group – Living the Good Life, How to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World by Helen and Scott Nearing

Friday, January 20th – Inauguration Day Candlelight Vigil

Saturday, January 21st – an invitation to Hospitality for those Marching

Tuesday, January 24rd – Hygge Gathering – Morning coffee and scones – 8:30am  OH, The Weather Outside is Frightful, School is cancelled for the day – – if you are within Walking distance, and feel safe to journey out, come on over anytime today for warm beverages and tasty treats!

Saturday, January 28th – New Moon Gathering

Wednesday, February 1st – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM (Making Brigid’s Crosses)

Friday, February 3rd – Intro to UU Women’s Curricula

Sunday, February 12th – Twinkle leads “Love Enough” Service with Jason Curran (Sangerville UU) 9:30AM

Sunday, February 12th – Jim Scott “Concert & Conversations” at Twinkle’s Place 2:00pm-4:00pm – CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Tuesday, February 14th – Twinkle hosts CENTRAL MAINE RISING: One Billion Rising/Standing on the Side of Love public event in Pittsfield, Maine – 2017 Theme: Solidarity to End the Exploitation of Women

Wednesday, February 15th – Book Discussion Group – True Love, A Practice for Awakening the Heart by Thich Nhat Hanh

Friday, February 24th – Luminescence

Sunday, February 26th – New Moon Gathering – CANCELLED 

Wednesday, March 1st – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM

Wednesday, March 15th – Book Discussion Group – WOMAN Earth and Spirit, The Feminine in Symbol and Myth by Helen M. Luke

Tuesday, March 28th – New Moon Gathering

Wednesday, April 5th – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM

Wednesday, April 12th – KIDS Afternoon Movie – Fantastic Beasts

Friday and Saturday, April 21st & 22nd – UUA NEW ENGLAND REGIONAL ASSEMBLY – WOBURN MA

Wednesday, April 26th – New Moon Gathering

Friday, April 28th – UU Talks Inaugural Event at the UUA in Boston, MA

Wednesday, May 3rd – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM – Spring KIDS Garden Club

Saturday, May 13th – Mother’s Day Blues Gathering and Ritual

Tuesday, May 16th – 3:00PM – Orion’s 10th Birthday Party!!!

Saturday, May 20th – invitation only party

Thursday, May 25th – New Moon Gathering

Sunday, May 28th – Twinkle leads services at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft, ME – Theme: Anam Ċara & the Divine EchoAn exploration about what it means to belong to one another.

Sunday, June 4th – International Flower Communion Celebration

Wednesday, June 7th – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM – Spring KIDS Garden Club

Tuesday, June 13th – Voting Day in Pittsfield (Vote on School Board Budget SAD 53)

Saturday, June 17th – Twinkle leads a Spiritual Retreat for the Women of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sangerville-Dover-Foxcroft at a private home in Charleston, ME

Monday, June 19th – New Moon Gathering (early date due to GA) (bring summer clothes and sheets to donate to women’s and homeless shelters)

Wednesday June 21st- Sunday June 25th – UUA GENERAL ASSEMBLY, NEW ORLEANS, LA 

Wednesday, July 5th – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM – Summer KIDS Garden Club

Friday, July 7th – First Fridays – invitation only

Saturday, July 8th – Introductory Theology Covenant Group

Thursday, July 13th – Twinkle Presenting at PechaKucha Night Waterville Volume 25

Wednesday, July 19th – Book Group

Sunday, July 23rd – New Moon Gathering

Thursday, August 3rd – Tarot/Oracle Art & Wine 

Friday, August 4th – First Fridays – invitation only

Wednesday, August 9th – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM – Summer KIDS Garden Club

Sunday, August 13th – Twinkle leads services at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Wednesday, August 16th – Book Group

Monday, August 21st – New Moon Gathering

Tuesday, August 22nd – JT Curran’s Book Launch Party in Sangerville

Friday, September 1st  – First Fridays – invitation only

Wednesday, September 6th – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM – Autumn Harvest KIDS Garden Club

Sunday, September 10th – Twinkle leads services at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Sunday, September 10th – Marketplace in Manson Park 2:00PM-6:00PM Twinkle will be there featuring Matrika Press authors (including JT Curran) and Sebasticook Valley Regional Media and Television Station.

Monday, September 11th – Vigil in Manson Park 6:00AM-8:00AM

Wednesday, September 20th – Children’s RE – PEACE DAY THEME

Wednesday, September 20th – New Moon Gathering

Thursday, September 21st – International Day of Peace Celebration

Sunday, October 1st – Jim Scott in Concert at Twinkle’s Place

Wednesday, October 4th – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM

Friday, October 6th – First Fridays – invitation only

Sunday, October 8th – Twinkle leads services at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft, ME with musician Jason Curran – Service theme: Be Like the Trees

Wednesday, October 18th – Book Group

Thursday, October 19th – New Moon Gathering (bring extra coats, blankets and winter clothes to donate to women’s and homeless shelters)

Tuesday, October 31st – Halloween Celebration beginning at 3:00PM followed by Samhain – 10:00PM

Wednesday, November 1st  – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM – Día de los Muertos – Painting Skull Rocks

Friday, November 3rd – First Fridays – invitation only

Wednesday, November 15th – Book Group

Saturday, November 18th – PORCH DAY!! Bring friends. 10:00AM

Saturday, November 18th – New Moon Gathering

Friday, December 1st – First Fridays – invitation only

Wednesday, December 6th – RE for KIDS – 2:30 PM – Decorating Ornaments

Thursday, December 14th  – HyggeLadies Night In – Decorating Ornaments 5:00-9:00 PM

Monday, December 18th – New Moon Gathering

Wednesday, December 20th – Book Group

Thursday, December 21st – Winter Solstice Celebration

Friday, December 22nd – Children’s Ornament Deco Party

Sunday, December 24th – Christmas Eve Celebration (Sangerville UU)

Tuesday, December 26th – Our Canadian Boxing Day celebration

Sunday, December 31st – Service in Sangerville (9:30am)

Sunday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve Party on Lancey Street!!!

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A glimpse at our 2016 Calendar of Events:

Saturday, January 9th – New Moon Gathering

Friday, January 15th – review – Coming Out of Our Spiritual Closets

Wednesday, January 20th Book Discussion Group – The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan

Monday, February 1st – Imbolc – Making Brigid’s Crosses and Hearth Ritual

Monday, February 8th – New Moon Gathering

Sunday, February 14th – One Billion Rising and Standing on the Side of Love VDay Event

Monday, February 15th – Just Add Love – telecast review from All Souls Tulsa

Wednesday, February 17th Book Discussion Group – The Age of Miracles by Marianne Williamson

Saturday, February 20th – Children’s ArtPlay

Friday, February 26th – Luminescence

Tuesday, March 8th – New Moon Gathering

Tuesday, March 15th – review of The VUU’s Creative Leadership show

Sunday, April 3rd – Introductory to Zen Workshop – Myozen Joan Amaral

Thursday, April 7th – New Moon Gathering

Friday, April 15th – Sex & Spirituality – telecast review from All Souls Tulsa

Wednesday, April 22nd – Earth Day Celebration at Twinkle’s Place (plus, videos: How Real is the Earth to You? and Putting the Earth back into Earth-Based Spirituality)

Friday, May 6th – New Moon Gathering

Sunday, May 15th – Radically Shared Ministry Webinar – review

Monday, May 22nd – Hygge Gathering  Garden Walk and tea – 10:00am

Saturday, June 4th – New Moon Gathering

Wednesday, June 15th Thursday, June 16th – 10 Years of PeaceBang – review of telecast

Thursday, June 23rd – Kids ArtPlay

Monday, July 4th – New Moon Gathering

Friday, July 15th – Four Kinds of Fun Webinar – review

Wednesday, July 20th – Book Group – Simple Things by Jim Brickman

Thursday, July 21st – Hygge Gathering  – Ladies Neighborhood Movable Party

Wednesday, July 27th – Serenity Walk along the Sebasticook River

Tuesday, August 2nd – New Moon Gathering

Wednesday, August 10th – Impromptu Children’s Spirit Dance

Monday, August 15th   The Basics of Unitarian Universalism – review of telecast by Rev. Aaron White

Wednesday, August 17th – Book Group – Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments by Kenneth Keith

Wednesday, August 31st – Back-to-School Kids ArtPlay

Thursday, September 1st – New Moon Gathering

Thursday, September 15th – UU History 101

Tuesday, September 20th –Book Group – Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Wednesday, September 21st – International Day of Peace

Friday, September 30th (Blue Moon) – New Moon Gathering

Friday, October 7th (Lancey Street Kids and Friends & Family…. Join Orion for his annual Halloween dinner and a movie series)

Thursday, October 13th – Maine Peace Walkers at Twinkle’s Place and Special Music featuring Riff Johnson and Presentations by the Peace Walkers

Friday, October 14th (Lancey Street Kids and Friends & Family…. Join Orion for his annual Halloween dinner and a movie series)

Saturday, October 15th – UU Women’s History 101

Wednesday, October 19th – Book Group – The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho

Friday, October 21st (Lancey Street Kids and Friends & Family…. Join Orion for his annual Halloween dinner and a movie series)

Friday, October 28th (Lancey Street Kids and Friends & Family…. Join Orion for his annual Halloween dinner and a movie series)

Sunday, October 30th – New Moon Gathering

Monday, October 31st – Twinkle’s Annual Halloween Party & Samhain  – (Orion was not feeling well so the Party rescheduled to November 4th)

Tuesday, November 8th – Election Day – USA Presidential Election

November Invitation to Meditate and Rejuvenate

Tuesday, November 15th – UU Faith in Action 2.0

Wednesday, November 16th – Book Group –  Dreaming the Dark by Starhawk

Monday, November 21st – Hygge Gathering – Women’s Art & Wine Group Gathering

Sunday, November 27th – Twinkle leads Thanks-giving Service with Jason Curran (Sangerville UU)

Tuesday, November 29th – New Moon Gathering

Friday, December 9th – Twinkle’s Book Launch at Pittsfield Public Library – after party at Twinkle’s Place

Wednesday,  December 21st December 14th –Book Group – Centering by M.C. Richards

Thursday, December 15th – UU Holiday Spirit 2.0

Friday,December 16th CANCELLED DUE TO EXTREMELY COLD TEMPERATURES– Grandmother’s Vigil and Christmas Caroling on Main Street

Friday, December 16th – Riff & Hal’s Hallelujah Experience at Pittsfield Theater with after party at Twinkle’s Place

Wednesday, December 21st – 11:00AM – Children’s little Gingerbread House-making with Kattie at Twinkle’s Place

Wednesday, December 21st – 6:00PM – Multi-Faith Christmas Caroling

Wednesday, December 21st – Special Solstice Celebration – Private Invitation-Only

Friday, December 23rd – A Christmas Carol with Storytelling and Arts

Friday, December 23rd – 5:00PM – Christmas Caroling begins on Lancey Street

Saturday, December 24th – Christmas Eve Celebration (Sangerville UU)

Sunday, December 25th – Christmas Day Service (Sangerville UU)

Monday, December 25th – Canadian Boxing Day Celebration

Thursday, December 29th –New Moon Gathering

Saturday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve Celebration on Lancey Street – Three House Movable Event

For more information, or to schedule a private retreat, email: info@TwinklesPlace.com

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Twinkle will be scheduling Winter Writer’s Retreat at Ferry Beach UU Retreat and Conference Center  in Saco and Moosehead Lake, Maine

and the inaugural UU Talks event at the UUA in Boston early in 2017

– check back for more information – or email: TwinkleManning@gmail.com

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 More details about these events coming soon:

Shamanic Journeying Circle by Susan Feathers

Closing the “Gap” by Shamananca

Screening of the film “Things We Don’t Talk About” by Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost (followed by a RED TENT)

PORTALS TO PEACE™ Shrine Making Workshop by Beth Amine

Tending the Sacred Fire by Tziporah (Awakening Intimacy – adult full day workshop)

The Artist’s Way Weekend Intensive

Heart-Centered Sacred Writing Workshop by “Twinkle” Marie Manning

ArtSeek Workshops by “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Create Your own Perfume playshop, Fragrant Flights, and a 4 hour Natural
Perfume Workshop by JoAnne Bassett, Couture Natural Perfumer and Alchemist

Intention Candles

3D Vision Board Making Class

Full schedule of events to be listed soon!!!

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Seeking a Spirit Camp Facilitator

Seeking a Drum Circle Leader

Seeking Weekly Yoga Class Instructor

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Past Events and Gatherings:

Autumn 2015 Workshops, Retreats, Gatherings

Some of our sources for Online Content and class curriculum include:

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