Upcoming Retreats & Gatherings

PLEASE NOTE: Twinkle’s Place is her Private Homes where Friends gather.

Friends, check back often for Calendar Updates – we will list activities here in Maine, as well as throughout USA, Canada and Internationally! For detailed information about our Moosehead Lake location, also visit: www.MooseheadLakeRetreats.org

Also, her ministry at The Church of Kineo has its own calendar. 

PLEASE NOTE: For a glimpse at past events at Twinkle’s Place, CLICK HERE.


Current Spirituality Calendar:

  • Mondays – Morning Mantras and Moment Meditations that provide a single thought/affirmation to use as a touchstone throughout that day and week. The mantra is placed in the format of a digital image that includes a beautiful photo, typically a landscape. 
  • Tuesdays – Weekly during the Summer (July & August), Rev.“Twinkle” Marie Manning will be leading a Contemplative Service Series, gathering in-person each Tuesday, at the Historic Log Chapel in Rockwood, Maine throughout July and August. (7:00pm-7:45pm)
  • Wednesdays – Contemplative Services which include readings, prayer, blessing or meditation, music. Video and/or audio formats. (September-June0
  • Sundays – Twinkle offers a spiritual/worship message on Sundays: live worship services and/or contemplative service replays.
  • Monthly – Women’s Minerva Potluck Gathering + Ritual (Register for this event here: TwinkleManning@gmail.com) 
  • Recurring Hygge events, seasonal gatherings, pulpit supply and worship services, as well as Moment Meditations on Twinkle’s Ministry Channel.
  • Retreats, Workshops, Seminars, Panels, Salons, Concerts, Rituals and more throughout the year in collaboration with TV for Your Soul, Melusine’s Haven, and other groups, organizations and individuals.

We also post links to songs, chants, meditations and intentionally lift up the work of other inspirational and transformational spiritual leaders. Posts appear on our Social Media Pages.

2023-2024 Events Calendar will continue to be updated throughout the year!! 

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2023 Dates

January 8th – – Worship Service – “Envisioning a Year”

January 11th – Contemplative Service

January 15th – Contemplative Service Replay

January 22nd – –Operator’s Manual: Exploring the Matos Mantras”

January 25th – Contemplative Service

January 29th – Contemplative Service Replay

February 1st – Contemplative Poetry Service

February 5th – Contemplative Poetry Service Replay

February 9th – IRAS Webinar featuring philosopher Jeremy Lent with Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning as the respondent. 

February 12th – – Worship Service – Cherishing (a Valentine’s Day sermon): Let’s Talk About Sex”

February 15th – Contemplative Service

February 19th – Contemplative Service Replay

February 26th- – Roses in Winter”

March 1st – Contemplative Service

March 5th – Contemplative Service Replay

March 12th – Worship Service – Sacred Rebels”

March 15th – Contemplative Service

March 19th – Contemplative Service Replay

March 26th – Worship Service – Fold as You Go!”

March 29th – Empowering Women – Salon Gathering – New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

March 30th- Art Event to benefit Melusine’s Haven – New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

April 2nd – Contemplative Service Replay

April 9th – Worship Service – In Our Own Image”

April 12th – Contemplative Service

April 16th – Contemplative Service Replay

April 23rd – Worship Service – Love the Land You’re With”

April 26th – Contemplative Service

April 30th – Contemplative Service Replay

May 7th – Worship Service – Intentional Creativity”

May 14th – Mother’s Day – Worship Service – “Mothering Mothers”

May 17th – Contemplative Service

May 21st – Contemplative Service Replay

May 26-27 – Annual Women’s Memorial Day Weekend Retreat

May 31st – Contemplative Service

June 3rd – Gifts by the Lake Retreat – Moosehead Lake, Maine.

June 4th – Contemplative Service Replay

June 11th – Worship Service – Flower Communion: June’s Calling”

June 14th – Contemplative Service

June 15th – Special Celebration – Book Launch Party

June 18th – Contemplative Service Replay

June 25th – Worship Service –Our Favorite Things and Living Life as a Prayer”

June 28th – Contemplative Service

< <Summer 2023 – Open Sanctuary – The Church of Kineo (throughout summer)>>

During the Summer of 2023, Twinkle will be leading a Contemplative Service Series each Tuesday at the Historic Log Chapel in Rockwood, Maine throughout July and August. (7:00pm-7:45pm)

July 23rd – Worship Service – Rockwood’s Historic Log Chapel

July 30th – Worship Service – Rockwood’s Historic Log Chapel

September 3rd – Worship Service – Rockwood’s Historic Log Chapel

September 10th – Worship Service – Water Communion

September 24th – Worship Service – “Attitudes of Atonement”

October 8th – Worship Service – “Through lines” 

October 22nd – Worship Service – “Holy Hauntings”

November 12th – Worship Service –

November 26th – Worship Service –

December 10th – Worship Service –

December 17th – Worship Service –

December 19th – Blue Christmas in-person gathering – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

December TBA- Blue Christmas online gathering – connecting wherever you are around the world – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

2024 Calendar Dates

January 14th – Worship Service –

January 28th – Worship Service –

February 11th – Worship Service –

February 25th – Worship Service –

March 10th – Worship Service –

March 24th – Worship Service –

April 14th – Worship Service –

April 28th – Worship Service –

May 5th – Worship Service –

May 12th – Worship Service –

June 9th – Worship Service –

June 13-16th – Gifts by the Lake Weekend Retreat + Empowering Women Salon Gathering

June 23th – Worship Service –

August – Melusine’s Haven Retreat on Kineo

2025 Calendar Dates

December 19th – Blue Christmas in-person gathering – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

December TBA- Blue Christmas online gathering – connecting wherever you are around the world – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

sacred symbol women green seed

Recurring Gatherings 

For many years on the date of Each Newl Moon “Twinkle” hosts a gathering in her home for friends who wish to celebrate with her…

This website is a resource for all of us who are drawn to the Mystical aspects of Life and Living. Tara Brach's weekly video class and meditation offers additional contemplative time.
  • Theology and Spirituality Classes, Webinars, Sermons and Curriculum

Typically once per month, “Twinkle” hosted a class to broaden the understanding Living Life as a Prayer and in collaboration with neighboring faiths.  Often times it is through uses of online media as she and those present review a sermon, audio, video, publication or curriculum by other ministers and lay leaders who are well versed in the topics of discussion.  These take place on the 15th day of each month, unless otherwise noted in the calendar. 

house 1 crop
Twinkle’s Lancey Street House 2015-2021

In 2021 we bid farewell to our Lancey Street retreat center. The location served us well for almost seven years.

It was time to move full-time to our Lake-side retreat locations. One in Rockwood and one in the heart of Kineo.

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