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Christmas Eve in Sangerville

During the beautiful Christmas Eve service held in Sangerville hosted by the Rev. Scott Jones and musicians Jason Curran and Peter Ippoliti we were inspired by the message of hope and interconnectedness.

Rev. Jones reminded us to “always assume the one sitting next to us is the Messiah waiting for some single human kindness – we will soon come to weigh our words and watch our hands.”



Pray. Wait. Trust.





Pray for peace to find its way into your heart, into the world.

Wait with perseverance as your companion in the dark still moments. 

Trust that Love shall spread its wings in flight toward the spoken and unspoken desires of the heart even as it accompanies peace unto thy shoulders and surrounds the world in its beloved embrace.









December 23, 2016

Joy as a form of Resistance – The VUU’s latest episode

The Case for Santa Claus

This episode commences with a delightful visit from Jackson Crawford, a wonderful young UU who recently interned at the White House.  As the show continues, the hosts discuss how to hold precious personal Joy through challenging times and in the face of what seems awful, to use Joy as an act of resistance.

And, Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford, explains her beautiful and inspired take on the levels of Santa.

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The Case for Santa Claus



Standing on the Side of Love: Deescalation and Interventions

Standing on the Side of Love produced this brief training video to assist with deescalation and interventions.  

Published on Nov 15, 2016

We are in a different political time that will require different political skills and organizing in coming months and years. Many folks have been asking for skills to deescalate for interventions and attacks that continue to target Muslims, People of Color, Immigrants, LGB people. This is a short primer not meant to be a comprehensive training but an informational entry point for engagement and deescalation using both instincts and discipline to intervene.

What to Do If You Are Witnessing Islamophobic Harassment: A Bystander’s Guide to Helping the Person Who’s Being Targeted by Marine-Shirine Veren…

Action Strategy: A How-To Guide from the Ruckus Society…