UU Women Online Offerings

Knowing that, in times of crisis, self-care and connection are what human beings need more than ever, UU Women and Religion have joined with other UU Womens organizations and female spiritual leaders to bring a series of online gatherings for UUs who identify as women. These will be facilitated in large part by Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning, contracted Interfaith Minister & Co-convener of UU Women & Religion, and most will be available free of charge thanks to grant funding as well as support by UU Women’s Federation.

Online Offerings include:

❉ Video, Audio and Digital images

❉ Meditations, Prayers, Rituals

❉ Minerva Potlucks (a treasured tradition in some women’s circles. These online gatherings will embody the same elements of conversation, poetry, music, art and ritual.)

❉ Featured UU Women’s Heart Interview Series

❉ and more…

For more information about UU Women’s Spirituality Offerings, visit:

www.UUWR.org and www.UUWomensHeart.org

also, visit the UUWR and Matrika Press bookstores: https://uuwr.org/new-store/books and http://matrikapress.com/

Support UU Women’s Online Offerings – Donations of any size are appreciated to support this work: http://twinklesplace.org/supporting-uu-womens-online-offerings/

These programs are funded in part, by a generous grant from UU Women’s Connection, www.uuwomensconection.org and in collaboration with UU Women & Religion. https://uuwr.org/