a myth to help heal a mother’s broken heart

Once upon a time an Energy of divine light wanted so much to come to Earth to be born and Know the love that a mother can give.

Yet she had many tasks awaiting her in the realms above.
She was such a valuable energy of light that the Divine Supreme many call God would only grant to her a few months assignment.

But because of this short tenure, she was told she would never know suffering.  

In fact, she was guaranteed to experience feeling more love and more happiness than most babies would feel in a lifetime.

To assure this, she was allowed to choose her own mother.
So she looked down and all across the globe


She found


She looked into your heart and saw such a deep fountain of love.
She chose you and instantly became your child nestled in your womb.

She soaked up every moment of being loved and when her time was up, while she was sad to go, she was grateful to have chosen so correctly.

For she took that love with her.

It gave her strength to do all the important things she needed to in the realm of her origins.

And because this love:

– her love for her mother and her mother’s love for her unborn child – was so strong, it crossed the boundaries of the realms and brought comfort to them both.

Love begets love. 

And so, more love grew upon the Planet, shining brighter and brighter light for all to feel.

– – –

Written for Morgan.  I wish I could make everything better. Like you, I am a writer. More and more I’ve been writing Myths. This is one that just came to me for you.   I love you.