Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

One thing is certain: we are all on borrowed time. 

From the moment we awaken to physical birth on our planet, we begin this journey’s end.  Moving ever toward our destinies.  As we meet challenges and are faced with our own mortalities through the loss of a loved one or when we ourselves have be diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, we become increasingly aware how precious Time is.

When stress is present, we often become blind to the amount of Time we spend in the details of overcoming obstacles.  Dealing with the day-to-day silliness this system of things offers in the way of organization dilutes the quality of it.   

As a society, we treat Time as if we have a surplus attached to a lavish line of credit and syphon it into a plethoric gluttony of distractions.  We are either numb to, or feel the pressing weight of, the tedious excess expected of our Time. 

Time, a commodity impossible to trade for its actual value.   

Time, a trust fund we cannot save for a rainy day.

Time, a gift that comes with freedom of will.

Time, gaining equity only in legacy.

How important it is to make every moment count.

Not all of us have crystal balls to tell us exactly when the meter runs out.  But we can each be responsible moderators of the Time we know we do have – and that Time is Now. 

Every moment alive, we get to choose where our Time reserve goes, how we spend it, and who we allow to draw from it. 

Perhaps our greatest responsibility is truly to be mindful of our Time.

~ Twinkle

Time withdrawal: 30 minutes

Written circa 2013