Entangled Muse

I have been contemplating recently the entangled relationship we have with ourselves. Such that in substantive ways we are patterned to be co-dependent with our old wounds. I’ve been meditating on and researching best practices to disentangle, heal and free spiritual essence so as to live even more fully into my calling.

I mentioned this to a ministerial colleague and today he asked me:

“Is there a particular angle that you have taken or a particular solution you have been using?”

My response:

I find telling my mind chatter to “stop it” is effective.
It seems that the more progress I make with my spiritual practices, the louder the mind chatter and heart tugs become. Trying to pull me back into the familiar relationship of sorrow and stress.
Some days I give over to it. (and the key there is to not be upset with myself when I do, for lack of a better word, wallow in the dance of this entanglement)
But mostly, lately, I simply say “stop it” – – sometimes I am polite and say “thank you for the reminder” as I touch my hand to my heart and then orient myself around the truth that my contribution to Life’s purpose is bigger than any fleeting feeling.
And, really, no matter how encompassing the feelings seem when they arise, they really are fleeting.

Practical things I do to center myself are my morning sits.
Simply embodying Gratitude without any agenda beyond sending deep appreciation to Life.
And, on days when my entanglement wants to take over, I sit several times throughout the day.

Even sitting for just a few minutes can be enough to re-set.

I have a designated meditation place in my home and my body/spirit know that is sacred space. That is not to say the mind chatter and heart tugs do not attempt to invade it – but they do not have the weight they have elsewhere. Something akin to cellular memory takes over when I sit on my meditation cushion.
Something sacred presides over this space in a way that gently embraces me and my Muse and directs us toward my Calling.
As I write this now I consider whether perhaps we are each a Divine Trinity = human body + muse that is activated when it is fed + sacred purpose or Calling.

The Muse’s goal is to give us inspiration and strength.
So she is hungry.
And she is willing to be fed by whatever sustenance we make available to her.
Fast-food in the form of our pains or nourishing food in the form of our joys.
So, I am developing a practice of preparing nourishment for her – – sometimes that means I need to do the dishes first and clean the kitchen….aka sit and quiet my mind and hold my heart in my own hands.