Let’s talk about SEX

A human identity that we all cope with is feelings of separateness.

We both long for unity and struggle against it in our strivings for self-reliance and individual awakening. 

Thus the binary tug-of-war that ego places before us. 

For how can we ever truly achieve awakening to unity as long as we are being stalwarts of autonomy? 

As Unitarian Universalists, we claim as one of our guiding principles the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part and we look toward direct experiences of transcending mystery and wonder as  primary to our  sources of faith.

Yet, in the area of sexuality many tentatively, some stridently, withdraw from the idea that our sexuality is profoundly connected to our spiritual life.”  

Even for those who accredit the quantitative energy exchanges engaging in passion grants us, there remains a dichotomy polarizing the nuanced relationship between sexuality and spirituality.  Meaning that somehow, we foster distinctions and gradations and partitions on our sexuality as if it were something separate from us. Thus, separate from our being instead of part of the whole of it.

Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig addresses the spiritual aspects of our sexuality.  More than that, she explores the implication that our spiritual essence and well-being is interconnected with our ability to merge with another human being.

May we shed harmful ideas about our sexuality.

May we remember that love and union are what we are.

May we embrace this gift from the stars

as we merge our physical bodies

and express our own divinity, 

 embody the Holy

and experience unity with all that is.

Amen and Blessed Be.