Love the Land You’re With

Marguerite Rigoglioso’s quote: “Love the land you’re with” embodies the relationship I have with Nature. For many years I lived beside or within walking distance to the ocean. I resonate to this day with Her rhythms, finding both strength and healing there. This remained true of the Atlantic and the Pacific, from Florida to Canada, California to Hawaii.  Each place I have lived, I immersed in her wisdom.  The Oceans’ sandy beaches and weathered cliffs provide long moments of reflection and inspiration. The metaphysical aspects of my soul opened in Her presence.

Later in my life I moved inward. As I type I realize this is both a literal and symbolic way of describing my ever-evolving transformation and awakening.  Inland I found lakes and mountains that have grounded me in this place in Time, while providing me insights on the legacies of those who came before me, and the ones that will follow. In their stillness and aliveness, the mountains, the lake, our land and trees that surround us guide me to embrace a deeper connection with Earth and with Spirit. Inland Life has provided me with the opportunity to grow and to harvest, again both physically and symbolically, as I work with the soil of the Land. I am nurtured and more nurturing here.

Here are some glimpses of our sacred place on Moosehead Lake in Maine:

Inspired by the Molly Remer’s Goddess Studies course. Day 4: Sacred Relationship to the Land

Posted 2/19/2019. With photos added below in 2020.