RE for KIDS in Pittsfield

Orion has been requesting exposure to what he calls “Real RE” – he was absolutely spoiled by the wonderful RE Programs and teachers in our former home at First Parish in Concord, MA (Huge shout out to the Amazing Pam Howell, RE Director) And when we were on Sabbatical in California, he loved what was offered at both Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito in Solana Beach (DRE: Alison McLeod Crotty) and Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Santa Barbara (DRE: Tracey Goforth).  Each of these religious educators’ styles was completely different, as were the RE programs they facilitated.  Yet each one was created with so much mindfulness, the children were embraced in love and encouraged to explore their spiritual essence even as they explored aspects of our faith.

Orion’s Favorite UU Kids Mantra

Since our relocation to Maine, while I preach about once per month in various pulpits, it is an hour drive to the closest UU congregations, so Orion’s access to Religious Exploration has been one-on-one with me.

Naturally, Orion craves for more.  He craves for what he knows is out there and in many ways what has been lost to him at a crucial time in his life.

He often says things like,

“Mommy when we get a real UU church in Pittsfield, maybe I can help in class RE to teach the kids younger than me.”

and more recently,

“Since you host UU things for people in our home, and we already host holiday rituals for adults and kids can I host special UU RE things just for kids? . . . Oh, and I want to teach them the ancient art of origami too!”  🙂

In addition to curriculum based teachings, books, and art – because he is inspired by the Community Gardens RE youth grow in some Congregations, and given that we have many deep garden beds in our yard – he wants to have him and the kids begin a garden project this Spring for,

“other kids, you know, who do not have healthy food to eat.”

Orion with Jacob: First Parish Community Garden Concord, Massachusetts – circa 2011 –

With that kind of enthusiasm, how could I turn him down?

So beginning this year, we will be using the resources available in the books we’ve collected over the years.  As well as through The UU Church of the Larger Fellowship’s Worship Express and and Tapestry of Faith materials to begin grass-roots RE at Twinkle’s Place.

We will post information as it becomes available. For now, SAVE-THE-DATES

beginning February 1st, 2017: The first Wednesday of Each month at 2:30 PM

Summertime will be a Garden RE Club, Autumntime will feature themes from Harry Potter and on into Percy Jackson.  Oh, what we can learn from myths new and old alike.

As interest and attendance grows, we can offer weekly classes and also theme-based workshops and retreat days.

In warmth and in joy,

~ Twinkle