Super Bowl Party 2018

I am so grateful for our family of friends here in Maine. Last night we watched the Superbowl in a very Patriots-enthusiastic home, lots of loud cheering and dancing commenced with each increase of the score in the Pats favor – complete with #PeanutButterTouchdown rituals (for those in the know!).

As the game approached its conclusion with the score so close, I kind of anticipated the Patriots to pull through in the last few seconds (as per the usual #GoPats ) but I was also beginning to worry about what the reaction would be from the guys if their team did not win.
When the clock reached zero the lesson Orion received is one I hope he carries with him throughout out this life…
….The friend who was cheering the loudest for the Patriots said simply that he was proud of how the Eagles played and the Eagles deserved to win. My heart felt such gratitude for this reaction. To have this big man speak with such gentle and compassionate words was such a wonderful thing for my son to witness.
This morning as Orion was walking to the bus stop with the other kids, I could hear them talking about the game:
One of the kids said sadly, “Can you believe the Pats lost?!”
Orion said:
“Yeah I know, but, it was a good game. The Eagles deserved to win.”#ItTakesAVillage #Grateful #LifeOnLancey