The Death of Riley

“Our son Riley passed away on September 20th. He was only 22. He had the brightest smile and the bluest blue eyes. He was so sweet and sensitive. He had such a caring and intuitive heart. A true empath. We are shattered by his death. 
We’ve been told as we awaited his transition, he was surrounded by angels and the spirits of his family who passed before him, grandparents, uncles, ancestors. Some among us believe he now resides with Jesus, or a Heaven of his own choosing. Others of us feel his essence is now energy, with freedom to exist in ways he rarely could while on Earth. Still others feel he will soon reincarnate to greet us once again as a new grandchild. My brother in-law suggests “the angels some saw were really Valkyries taking this warrior who died in his battle to sit at the side of Odin with his forefather warriors for an eternal feast.” I can envision that. For my Riley was as strong as any warrior ever to walk this world or any realm beyond. Yet I also believe that after a while of respite at Odin’s banquet table, that Riley would embark on a new mission to bring more light to our world.
I miss him. 
I love him. 
I want to hug him and hold him.
That’s all I can say right now.”
– – –

Riley Dai Callin 
Forever Loved.