“Twinkle” Marie Manning is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries (UUSCM).

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Twinkle strives to include many philosophies in her service.  Her ministry often focuses on the earth-centered, community building and social justice aspects of our UU faith. 

She is often called to lead services, give sermons and facilitate rituals, workshops and retreats.  She seeks ways to grow Unitarian Universalism in our communities and beyond.

Glimpses of services:

“Möbius Life”audio to be posted soon

In Our Own Image

Our Favorite Things

The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth

Borrowed Time and The Fine Art of Our Lives

Where Joy Resides

Everything is Holy Now

While she is a clergy member, she considers herself in many ways an itinerant minister in that she is not seeking a full-time settled position at any one church.  Rather, her ministry serves  many -both inside and outside the walls of- congregations.

Twinkle was a minister with Jehovah’s Witness for seven years, with continuing education through their theological ministry school. Later, when her life’s course evolved away from that religion, she took distance exams through the University of Sedona to become a non-denominational ordained minister, having obtained a Masters Degree through their program.  She is currently working towards her DD.

She has studied both Druidism and Buddhism (Zen) in focused and formal programs.  As well as Sacred-Feminine Ritual/Goddess Cultural History.  She has taught the Rise Up and Call Her Name curriculums in Concord, MA with the amazing Bozena Smith and has co-lead workshops and organized many spiritual retreats, including one with Starhawk, and others on earth-centered paths.  

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Twinkle is the founder and publisher of Matrika Press, an independent Unitarian Universalist book publishing house:   www.MatrikaPress.com 

She is also the creator of UU Talks, in collaboration with Peter Bowden of UU Planet.

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Her spiritual path meets her secular path in many ways.  Here is one link to her evolving bio:  http://www.empoweringwomentv.org/founder/

and a link to her company: www.TVforYourSoul.com


Here are several links to Twinkle in the Press for both her spiritual and secular work!

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The Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries (UUSCM) is a Unitarian Universalist movement of lay ministers & ordained clergy committed to promoting a broad spectrum of healing and social justice ministries.  Members believe that only through many diverse forms of ministry can we heal the broken, create justice, and live in harmony with the spirit of life.  They hold a vision of a larger ministry that sees the world as its parish.