Katherine Woodward Thomas: Conscious Uncoupling

Once upon a time we lived in tribal communities of about 150 people.  Our lifespan was about 40 years. And divorce was unheard of. Yet partnerships were not often rooted in romance, but rather in survival and coupling (marriage) was according to class.  One rarely changed their lot in life. Around 400 years ago in Venice, Italy, the “Happily Ever After” story was first told as a way to give hope to those born into poverty, many of whom who would not live past 16. The legacy we’ve inherited from the happily ever after dream is as simple and as complicated as that we are in many ways not biologically designed to separate and so it hurts when we do, and as a result we need to consciously develop the ability to do so.  Katherine Woodward Thomas informs us about “Conscious Uncoupling” and also about “Calling in the One.” She helps couples let go gently and transition peacefully without holding our former partner hostage to our anger. This is a contribution just to each other, but to creating models of peaceableness for future generations (our children, and others in our circles). It is also a contribution to creating peace on our planet.