New Moon in Leo 2015

The New Moon in Leo is an expansive time.  Here at Twinkle’s Place our home feels open in ways it has not in many many months.  Perhaps because we have one less resident temporarily at this time and the energy is moving with more ease.  Perhaps too because new and better things are on the horizon.

Mystic Mamma contributors tell us it is a time of sparkling creativity!

And to that we can certainly claim true, for this summer itself has been filled with such creativity and the closer we come to the new moon, the more powerful and vibrant the feeling is. Transitional times are upon us all.

Gather with us on August 14th to welcome the New Moon phases of creativity in its fullest manifestation.  With the clear energy of our home, allow yourself to embrace your divinity and call in your deepest desires.

new moon leo 2015



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