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Intro to UU Women’s Curricula

Friday, February 3rd, 7:00 PM at Twinkle’s Place

This evening will feature and introduction and overview of the curriculum for three wonderful women’s programs recommended by UU Women and Religion:

  • Cakes for the Queen of Heaven
  • Rise Up and Call Her Name
  • Becoming Women of Wisdom

We look forward to offering these curriculums this year at Twinkle’s Place as we explore first and sixth UU Sources together!

A Magical Service

Usually I leave my “blogging” on my blog, but thought to share it here too.

This month I led a service at the UU Church in Pittsfield accompanied by an astonishing musician: Jason Curran.  Not only is his music amazing, but the selections he chooses to compliment a service seem magical.  If you ever see a listing for a performance of his, gift yourself by attending.


A Very Special Thank You to Jason Curran for his beautiful music and co-creative spirit.  Felt like spiritual alchemy in ways I simply cannot explain and will not try at this time. Other than to say, he brought tears to my eyes with his rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” – he could not have known how special that song is to me, and more so now.

twink jason aug 2015 service.jpg