Workshop: Esoteric Tarot


Esoteric Tarot to Raise Your Vibration & Awaken Your Intuition.

Begin the journey of understanding and utilizing the Tarot to develop our own innate psychic skills. Learn to use the Tarot as a tool to develop your intuition. With this unusual method of teaching the Tarot, you will open your intuition & be able to read any deck [by the end of the full course]. We begin with the Rider-Waite Deck because it contains the most esoteric symbolism in my opinion, but feel free to bring your own deck [Oracle Decks are also welcome]

~          Develop your Intuition

~          Connect with diverse symbolism

~          Explore the many uses of the Tarot

~          Learn about the language of Tarot

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There are two opportunities on Thursday, September 17th to participate in this workshop:

11:00AM – 1:30PM (Potluck style so feel free to bring food to share)

Cost: $30 per person / $50 per couple

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