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farewell to a great man and sending love and healing to a wonderful woman

Sending much love to Cindy and her family today as they gather together in Tommy’s honor. The work Cindy and Tommy have brought to our world, together and individually, is truly lifesaving and transforming.

Thomas Walter Goldberg Newman (1955-2017)

Dearest Cindy, 

May the light of love carry you through today. 

May your mind be at peace as your heart copes with Tommy’s journey back to the Divine. 

May you be surrounded by friends and family when you need it. 

May you have solitude and silence when you need those too. 

May your faith in that which you call Holy be a source of strength and of healing. 

May you be blessed.


~ Marie and Orion

May all those who see this blessing send ever more love in addition to ours.

What if our religion was each other and love were the center of our being?

What If?

What if our religion was each other?
If our practice was our life?
If prayer was our words?
What if the Temple was the Earth?
If forests were our church?
If holy water—the rivers, lakes and oceans?
What if meditation was our relationships?
If the Teacher was life?
If wisdom was self-knowledge?
If love was the center of our being

©1998 Ganga White, Santa Barbara All Rights Reserved
– Written at the Rainforest Benefit, NYC April 1998