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Vigil for September 11th

Monday, September 11th

6:30 am – 8:00 am

The Vigil space will be hosted by: Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning. She will be joined by        Rev. Scott Jones and welcomes a multi-faith clergy presence, as well as active duty military and veterans. peace-workers.

At 7:00am a prayer will be offered, followed by local musician and songwriter Aaron McCannell singing his song, “Stand Tall,” which portrays the emotions of the tragic day as well as hope for the future.

This gathering is open to all who seek a place of spiritual sanctuary on this day of remembrance.

embrace life even in the face of darkness

Somedays you just need a little extra encouragement and turning towards someone who has followed his passion – and lost it, only to move towards a new calling even more passionately, is such a blessing.

Rev. David Ruffin’s story is inspirational.  From theatre stage to church pulpit, he has captured the hearts and minds of many.
This morning for all those experiencing loss and transition, and for those who face depression as a familiar part of their experience, I encourage you to read his words.

“I remember pouring over inspirational books. I found few answers, but I did find friends:

Parker Palmer assured me that feelings of depression were not only normal but a gift that ­could lead me deeper and help ‘let my life speak.’

Kahlil Gibran reframed my present pain as something that was carving space for future joy.

Mary Oliver proclaimed her gospel: ‘You do not have to be good.’

And Rainer Maria Rilke urged patience ‘with everything unresolved in (my) heart…​to love the questions themselves.’

Most importantly, I learned I had good company in struggling to find my way….

…..Still, was it my purpose?”

read Dave’s full essay, here:



LIBANA is coming to Maine!!

Saturday, March 11th, 2017


UUCB Concerts for a Cause: LIBANA

Unitarian Universalist Church of Brunswick

Brunswick, ME

Tickets on sale now:



In 1979, a group of women sharing a passion for international music, dance, and women’s issues formed the global music ensemble Libana. Inspired by Judy Chicago’s groundbreaking exhibit “The Dinner Party,” Libana took their name from a woman honored by the artist—a 10th century Moorish poet, philosopher, and musician—symbolizing women’s creativity, vision and spirit throughout time. 

LIBANA believes deeply in the power of song, the rhythm of the drum, and the spirit of dance to connect people across vast cultural difference. Creating a bridge of the heart, their commitment to the artistic expression of the global community has inspired dynamic cross-cultural understanding, profound healing, and widespread peacebuilding. 




An invitation to friends


An invitation for my friends.

This is the meditation room in my home.  I open this and my home up to friends when they need a quiet place to sit, gather their thoughts, connect with their hearts, either in solitude or in small group ritual.  

I often host gatherings in my home honoring my own Unitarian Universalist spiritual traditions and explore the mystery of living on this planet.  

I also welcome friends from various faiths and traditions to come lead workshops, retreats, meditations and concerts.

If you feel called to gather together for any of these, let me know and I am happy to host.

Or, if you desire to simply have a place to come, sit and reflect, I offer my home for that too. 


~ Twinkle