New Moon in March + International Women’s Day + Solar Eclipse

According to Mystic Mama contributor, Lena Stevens, regarding this March

“It is time for the resets, committed choices and greater intentions to ignite, take flight and move into action.”

drum paint repeat

Twinkle will be hosting an afternoon ritual in her sacred space in celebration of the New Moon, Solar Eclipse and International Women’s Day this year.  Bring your drums!

Then in the evening she and others will join with Women With Wings in Bangor to be part of the UNIFY Women’s Circle Gatherings around the globe in celebration of International Women’s Day.  We will sing, chant and dance in honor of the sacred feminine.

For the past six years Twinkle has alternated her location on International Women’s Day between Boston and Santa Barbara with her Empowering Women TV teams in support of International Women’s Day Festivals endeavors. This year she is staying in Maine on Women’s Day continuing her inward journey, nourishing roots and following the calling of her heartsong.


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