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Join Starhawk for a live webinar series

Starhawk is leading a 7-session online course!! Click the link for more information and to join in this magical adventure! Each session will include a teaching, some practical exercises, a ritual, and homework. Choose your adventure: register for all 7 sessions, and automatically receive the links to the live webinar as well as the recording, or sign up for one at a time.

Magical Activism: Live Digital Ritual Series w/Starhawk


“We need magic to help us stay grounded, sane, and able to sleep as the tension mounts—and a little support from our friends would be nice, too! We need magic to counter the manipulative magic that floods the internet and the airwaves every day with toxic energies, to help us discern truth and provide an antidote to the poisons. We need magic not as a substitute for action, but to further our own resilience as we dream the world we want and channel our energies effectively to make it real.”

Remembering Starhawk in Concord, MA at Twinkle’s Place with Friends and at First Parish UU.

And Twinkle’s Interview with Starhawk at the TV Studio.

Inviting teachers and leaders to join us in community…

Friends, do you feel called to teach and share your gifts?  We invite you to join us at Twinkle’s Place.

  • Lead a Sacred Ceremony on the New Moon
  • Facilitate a Workshop or Journeying Circle
  • Perform a Concert
  • Present a Talk
  • Create a TV Show
  • Teach Weekly Yoga Classes or Guided Meditations

Join us in the privacy of our home, or collaborate with us at a larger local venue such as local Unitarian Universalist Churches, Libraries, Wellness Centers and Theaters.  We are excited to discover what you feel called to share in community, and how we can help you do so.



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Making Brigid’s Crosses

The story in this video sites the Christian Fable, yet the tradition pre-dates Christianity:

Brigid’s cross and its spiritual tradition in Ireland is far older than Christianity. The Goddess Brigid was one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Her feast day was the feast of Imbolc, and the cross made of rushes today is very likely the descendant of a pagan symbol whose original meaning may have been locally understood even into the early 20th century in rural Ireland. One remnant of that tradition in the meaning of the Brigid’s Cross today, is that it is said to protect a house from fire.


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