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New Blog Addresses RACE in America

Wow! Provocative new blog series by UU Minister & Theologian: Rev. Thandeka:

Black lives have never mattered in America. Today, more and more whites are discovering that their lives don’t matter either”

“The concept of white privilege was created to hide white suffering.” “White-skin privilege conceals the fact that just like blacks, whites in America have no binding legal rights to health care, living wages, decent housing, and a viable public education system for their kids. Most whites in America are treated like niggers.”

White people are killing themselves at a higher rising rate than members of any other racial group in America today. What’s going on? And for those of us who are not white, why should we give a damn? As an African American minister, this is why I give a damn.”

For those of you who know the tragic stories held close in our family, you understand why now more than ever we are evangelists for peaceable ways of life and living, founded in compassion and grace, that are just and accessible for all. Grateful for Thandeka’s courage to educate the world with her wisdoms.

Thank you!!

We are deeply grateful to all our family and friends who joined us for our engagement party!! It was so wonderful to celebrate our happiness with you and to see such happiness reflected back to us by each of you. Love 💫❤️🎶🙏🏼

October 13th, 2018. Thank you to all our friends and family celebrating with us near and far. We love you!

Posted by Marie Gerstel Manning on Monday, October 15, 2018


Heartbreak: Preparation for the last letting go

On this day when love – the longing for it, the presence of it, the loss of it – is at the fore of many a person’s mind, it may be helpful to consider David Whyte’s suggestion that, “There is no path of love without having our hearts broken along the way, either through another’s agency or by arranging it so fastidiously for ourselves….and that the heartbreak is …an inescapable and often beautiful question,… asking us to be ready for the last letting go.”

HEARTBREAKis unpreventable; the natural outcome of caring for people and things over which we have no control, of…

Posted by David Whyte on Monday, February 12, 2018

Be gentle with those you love,

and those you are called to love,



and all ways.