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September 12th – October 4th, every year, like clockwork

My mother’s birthday is today,

…would have been today.

October 4th.

She would have been 69.

She died 10 years ago;

her Body releasing its last exhale in the wee hours of September 12th. She was 58.

Her death-day marks the beginning of what is typically a difficult series of weeks for our family; September also holding the anniversaries of my brother’s death, and the would-be birthday of my father who died almost two decades ago now.

Of course, the dark season has grown accustomed to stretching out, often initiating Its appearance before August’s end and extending its visit through, and then past, Samhain.

This year was lighter than many.

Still, their absence is present.

The Pamphlet Podcast: A Unitarian Death

This episode of The Pamphlet Podcast, Susan and Sean explore the transcendental shockwave that was set off with the creation of Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Watertown, MA in 1831. They explore a Unitarian perspective of death and the ritual that should mark the passing of life into death.  This historical offering highlights the Unitarian contribution to social reform in pioneering a new way of how the living should ritually mark the passing of life into death.

A Unitarian Death