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Redefining Church

This video features a glimpse at nuanced ways of worshipping from unique congregations in a variety of religious denominations including the Church of the Larger Fellowship Unitarian Universalist congregation that began in WWII as a correspondence church providing spiritual support to those stationed overseas. In our modern day, CLF continues its correspondence ministries with larger audiences including more than 1,000 incarcerated church members, and the CLF meets primarily in online spaces serving more than 3,000 congregants. The video also features Historic Old West Church, a Methodist church that is prophetically choosing to go against their denomination’s creed against gay clergy and same sex marriage, and is instead choosing to remain a place where ALL people are welcome.

Indigenous Soul Revival – Book Selection

We are delighted to explore this book by Cathie Stivers: Reviving Our Indigenous Souls: How to Practice the Ancient to Bring in the New. Be sure to get your copy now and Join us in September for our book discussion group!

The video link below is a message featuring the Author talking about how this book came into being, and how we can apply the wisdom in our lives:

Note: Cathie is a member of UUSCM !!

Let go of Contempt

Great article by Arthur C. Brooks on how to have compassionate communication with and about those we disagree with in politics, spirituality, philosophy and more. He sites that The problem in America today is not incivility or intolerance, rather, it is “motive attribution asymmetry” which breeds contempt.

“What we need is not to disagree less, but to disagree better. And that starts when you turn away the rhetorical dope peddlers — the powerful people on your own side who are profiting from the culture of contempt. As satisfying as it can feel to hear that your foes are irredeemable, stupid and deviant, remember: When you find yourself hating something, someone is making money or winning elections or getting more famous and powerful. Unless a leader is actually teaching you something you didn’t know or expanding your worldview and moral outlook, you are being used.”